4 Proven Strategies for Marketing to Millennials

Almost every sector across the globe focuses on marketing to millennials these days, and for good reason.

According to the research firm Catalyst, millennials will comprise three-quarters of the global workforce by 2025. As a large portion of consumers, millennials have become one of the most talked-about generations in the marketing world.

Just like any other generation, millennials think and buy differently. If millennials are your target audience, it’s important to understand what they value the most and which factors have a major influence on their purchasing habits.

Here are the 4 proven strategies for marketing to millennials in 2020.

Be Authentic

A large portion of millennials tends to buy products from companies they believe in. During the early 2000s, marketing was heavily focused on what companies said about their products. If a company put a great advertisement in a print publication, they would often experience a dramatic increase in sales. The youth today, however, don’t care about the headings or features that are used to describe the products – they care about the just cause and authenticity.

When marketing to millennials, speaking about social justice can actually help you connect more with your customers. If your just cause and values align with the customer, they’re more likely to support your brand and buy the product.

Optimise for Mobile and Tablet

Mobile-friendly is no longer an option today. If you want to thrive in the market, you need to be sure that your company’s mobile experience is top-notch. According to Nielsen, over 98% of millennials aged 18-24 and 97% of millennials aged 25-34 own and use a smartphone regularly. And if your content doesn’t translate to mobile, you’ve lost them.

The one industry that has managed to attract a large portion of millennials with its mobile-friendly websites and apps is the iGaming sector. NewZealand.co.nz, for example, can be accessed on both PC and mobile devices, and hence, is played by a majority of millennials.

So, it’s important for your business to optimise the landing pages for mobile, so that they load quickly. There should be a clear call-to-action even on a smaller phone screen, and you must undertake special measures to eliminate downtime.

Highlight User-Generated Content

Ensure that your website has plenty of user-generated content in order to help millennials make their decisions. According to recent research, millennials aged 18 to 34 are three times more likely to turn to social media for suggestions on which products to buy. And they trust the opinions of other people far more than the brand themselves. Ask your customers for feedback and reviews, and then make it available on your site.

Get Social

The millennial population is probably the most connected generations around. To stay in touch with friends and family members, millennials are very active on the popular social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram.

If you want to connect with the millennial consumers, you need to engage with them in the ways they prefer. The more you engage your millennial audience on social media platforms, the more they’re likely to buy your products.


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