How Do I Start My Own Tour Business in Greece?

If you are thinking of setting up a profitable tour business in Greece, it is clear that you are looking to lean in the tourism sector and that is why I tell you that you are about to focus on one of the sectors that currently has high productivity worldwide, as more and more people want to travel and get to know other sites, then what you will do is fulfill their dreams as you fulfill yours by building your own profitable business.

You should keep in mind that this type of business is not only possible to set up to operate at the national level, but also at the international level. To do this and to know everything you need to know, keep reading this section:

Business activity

We are located in the tourism sector, but the truth is that this is wider than it seems, so it will be necessary for you to decide between some more specific options such as transport services, accommodation service, tours accompanied by guides, sports activities, extreme sports activities, quiet and relaxing activities, a travel agency, food and snacks, etc. In this case, we’re thinking about a tour business.

Business location

Once you have decided on the previous point, you will choose the fine location that your tour business will have. Although today we can find tourists almost anywhere, it is advisable to start with the most attractive areas for people and avoid the less frequented if they do not have potential, because it could make the business not successful. In this case, it’s Greece.

Evaluate and examine very well the area you plan to use according to the business activities you have considered to see how you can join them and work with them. Do not forget to check that if possible, there is no competition very close to you, but the possibilities for you could be minimal. In this case we pick Athens are it’s the perfect touring center in Greece. A perfect example of this type of business model are the Greek TravelTellers.

Procedures and licenses

All businesses to operate need a series of documents that must be kept up to date with the government of each country, so it is necessary that you carry out the procedures and processes according to your type of business to be able to operate without any problem. You must have certificates that accredit the activities and also the staff to ensure safety in each of the activities carried out, especially in extreme sports.

Business plan

Basically we talk about the guide and the basis of our business, since in it we can not only have an estimate of the amount of initial investment that we are going to need, but we also identify our objectives, small, medium and long-term purposes, strengths and weaknesses in which we must work, as well as examination of the competition, etc.

Costs required to develop tourism Ideas

In your tour business idea plan, the cost of the office premises for rent or purchase, loan of tour areas, uniforms of guides, staff and their training, must be included in the material and financial part, snacks and meals, items such as chairs, tables, tablecloths, utensils and others, protective equipment, means of transport, among others. Everything you define must be according to the activity of the travel business in which you focus.

In addition, you must also include the cost per promotion, launch and advertising of the business. I recommend that you study your target audience very well to reach them more easily through advertising, do not forget the web presence, because today, we all search the internet for destinations and media before traveling, so there you may be absent.

First, having a space to offer the company’s products, whether it is a small office and expanding or starting from home is also valid. Build a brand and register it, so that user confidence is more easily captured and customers can be obtained more easily.

Focus the business, that is to say, of all the attractions to choose which ones can be covered, organizing tours and different services that this business includes for the tourist user, in addition, connections and relations with other businesses in the area must be made so that a cooperation to serve the tourist and get more money.


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