4 Resources To Use For Stock Trading Tips

Trading in the stock market is both a blessing and a curse for many. It has been a nightmare for traders who went in without information, invested their money and lost it all. It has, however, been a blessing for traders who did their research, got the right information, implemented it in their trade decisions, and maximized their profits.


To get the best out of the stock market, here are 4 resources to use for stock trading tips:


  1.    Investopedia

Investopedia is an online source of financial investment information that cuts across to everyone from beginners venturing into the stock market to experts already trading. This online platform is run by a group of highly qualified data scientists and financial experts from NASDAQ.


They offer a lot of helpful information on how to read and interpret the stock charts, how to value stocks, how to read stock tables, understanding bull and bear markets, and so much more. They even have a simulator account that you can practice trading on.


  1.    NASDAQ’S Guide ‘Getting Started In Stocks’

Stocks are known to perform better in the long term compared to bonds, treasury bills, gold, among other securities and because of this, NASDAQ has come up with an informative guide detailing how to approach the stock market and invest in it.


This guide helps you identify the kind of risk taker that you are, and it guides you on how to make trade decisions based on the available time you have for investing. It also talks about how to diversify your trade options.


Getting Started In Stocks by NASDAQ is an easy-to-read and understand resource that will come in handy in providing important stock trading tips.


  1.    ‘How To Choose A Financial Planner’ Guide By Wall Street Journal

Having a good financial planner is essential to successful stock trading. It is important that you get a planner that will help you invest your money wisely in the stock market and get maximum returns from it. A good resource to help you with this is the guide by the Wall Street Journal on ‘How To Choose A Financial Planner’.


This guide will help you determine how to pick the right planner, how to minimize your risk, and how to maximize your profits in the stock market.


  1.    ‘How The Economic Machine Works’ Podcast

Getting a deeper understanding of how stock markets came to be and how they work is essential to productive trading. This podcast created by Larry Summers and other great financial experts makes an in-depth review of the forces that contribute to the growth of the economy.


It analyzes the best formulas to use for economic success and reviews the different changes in the economy over the last few centuries. There is a lot of helpful information available in this podcast for stock traders which can help them launch their trades in the stock market and make huge life-changing profits from them.



Stock trading is wide and demands that aspiring, as well as established traders, have all the important information that is required to maximize on their trading practices. The above resources will be of great help.


But to get more detailed stock trading information and tips that is simplified and much easier to study and apply, check out these amazing trading books to learn stock trading.  



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