4 Services Your Business Should Be Outsourcing

These days, the word ‘outsourcing’ has negative connotations because it’s simply seen as a way for larger companies to take advantage of cheaper labour costs overseas. This is just a part of the picture though. Outsourcing is usually done on a local level, and is essential in enabling smaller companies to compete in competitive industries. Nowadays, businesses need to be able to adapt to unpredictable scenarios in order to succeed. Here are four services you should be looking to outsource in an effort to modernise your business.


Cybercrime is a serious business. Lloyd’s, one of the world’s largest insurance companies, estimates that cyber attacks cost businesses $400 billion every year. While you may have your own I.T. staff to set up new computers and install updates, cybersecurity is a completely different discipline than regular maintenance. You know the old saying, ‘To catch a thief, you have to think like one’? Well, third-party experts have actually been known to employ former hackers to help with their own penetration testing and studies show that around half of UK firms are also open to doing the same.

Legal Practices

The rule of law is constantly changing and you can never be an expert in every field. In fact, it’s unlikely that you’ll be up-to-date in all of the areas pertaining to your own business, especially if you’re considering expanding into other parts of the world which follow their own specific rules and regulations. Outsourcing any legal practices you have to deal with can not only save you a lot of headaches, but it’s also much more practical. Firms like Withers Worldwide specialise in a number of different fields, from corporate finance to real estate, making them an ideal choice.

Server Maintenance

Many businesses are now choosing to operate their own in-house server. This gives you a greater level of control, but it’s not without its problems. For one, upscaling or downscaling to meet demand could require you to make substantial investments in hardware that a specialist already owns. Likewise, if you decide to outsourcing your server maintenance to a company in a different time zone, you could also benefit from having all of your updates handled during non-operation hours. Since this will be on local time for the third-party, you won’t have to worry about paying them overtime like you would for a team back home.

Branding and Design

Branding plays a huge role in consumer behavior, even if we might not like to admit it. Most businesses simply don’t have the personnel to effectively design their own goods and would instead benefit from leveraging the knowledge and experience of outside experts. Try to match your brand with the values of your target demographic. For instance, a new study shows that consumers are now more likely to spend money on companies they perceive to be socially or environmentally conscious. Even if a customer has no prior knowledge of your product or service, good design could swing their purchasing decision your way over a competitor.



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