How New Mobile Features Could Change the Way Online Bingo is Played

Smartphones are far more popular now than they were 10 years ago. This is great for manufacturers such as Apple and Samsung as it means that they are selling millions of phones each year, but the challenge of creating truly innovative new features is clearly taking its toll: there have been reports of iPhone sales dropping, for example, as Apple has failed to offer anything particularly surprising.

Manufacturers are coming around to the idea that their phones should have big, incredible features but this likely won’t just affect their sales numbers. For those that offer mobile games such as online bingo and casino gaming apps, these features could also change the way that their games are played.

Bingo has always been a social game and the popularity of land-based bingo halls in the 1950s confirms that players enjoy spending time together while they play. Online bingo games can offer this, as groups of friends, using different phones, enter into the same bingo room and play against each other. Countdowns and information about jackpots also help groups get into the same room and know what they’re playing for.

However, the release of folding phones such as Samsung’s Galaxy Fold, could add to the online bingo social entertainment. On one screen players could be enjoying watching the numbers get called, while on the other side of the screen they could be talking to their friends and celebrating each other’s wins.

Games With Greater Graphics

When looking at the lists of real money bingo games, it seems that all of them have good graphics that have been designed to add to the entertainment. In the Cash Cubes bingo room, players can feel excited as they look at the differently colored, transparent cubes and the graphics in the Deal or No Deal bingo game make it feel like online bingo players are on the show, with a red box in front of them.

These graphics will only get better as mobile phone manufacturers release phones with higher quality screens. iPhones have a feature called True Tone which makes the colors of games and apps look brighter and the OLED technology seen on some smartphones also makes them thinner and allows games to look wonderful.

Play Online Bingo on Any Device

Many online bingo games have been developed to work on any smartphone. By not asking players to download an app and by just using the phone’s Internet browser, players with an Internet connection can play though they may not have much space on their phone.

That is unlikely to change, but new technology could bring online bingo to any device. Streaming services such as Google Stadia allow people to play the same game on mobile, TV, and computers. If made available for bingo, this could potentially allow players to enjoy bingo whether they have their phone or computer with them or if they only have a TV.

The online bingo industry has been good at offering new games that use new technology. Developers will keep on doing this as long as the technology can make their games fun, and that should be very exciting for fans.


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