5 fashion social media concepts.

5 fashion social media concepts

  1. Social media sourced models – If you want to make it into the spotlight in your modelling career today, the way forward is to post your face across social media profiles. Modelling agencies are looking to social media sites to find their latest people. For example, Diesel‘s campaign to scout new models was launched on Tumblr as a way to find unique models to showcase diversity of the brand. This was extremely well received as they found 20 very different models to finish the campaign as hoped. Other brands are now taking up this idea and searching for specific hashtags to find the exact type of models they are looking for.
  2. Instagram – Vogue have done an Instagram photo shoot using nothing but a smartphone, to relate to a wider audience. Other designers such as Rebecca Minkoff have decided to showcase their line through snapchat!
  3. Pinterest – Pinterest helped to organise fashion week through posting highlights and dividing up the different shows. This allowed people to keep up to date with every show and not miss a thing! Pinterest is great for designers and those in the fashion industry as it is based around pictures, not the so much on the wording content. It is easy to use and also utilises links to take consumers to where they can buy the specific product.
  4. Snapchat – As mentioned earlier, Rebecca Minkoff is using Snapchat to showcase her new line. Before the look goes on the runway, she will take a picture and Snapchat it. This is a new way of marketing and is aimed at those clients who were not able to attend the show, allowing them to still feel involved and build a good relationship.
  5. Photo-sharing – Marc Jacobs is running a campaign to connect more with his customers. He is encouraging everyone to share Marc Jacobs related photos and hash tag them #marcfarm. He is using Instagram, Twitter and Foursquare check-in. It has been made into a competition as users will vote for the best picture and prizes include Marc Jacobc products and the pictures will be uploaded straight to his website! This gives a fun image to the brand and creates a good relationship with the consumer.

As social media is evolving so quickly, all industries are utilising it in different ways to suit their own needs. Whether it be Instagram or Snapchat, pictures are most important for the fashion industry as they give inspiration and increase product awareness.

By Jessica Watkins. Marketme Social Media Account Manager.


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