Social Media effect on the Champagne industry (Twitter).

Having recently created a leaderboard style league table for Champagne labels actively using Twitter, I have seen how many of the top brands and smaller houses have embraced social media and the efforts that some are and indeed aren’t putting in to communicate with their target audiences.

Leaderboard for Champagne:

Studying Twitter, we see that many of the most well known labels such as Mumm, Moet and Krug have accounts though we see activity high with the likes of Bollinger, Veuve Clicquot, Moet USA, Laurent Perrier and Pol Roger and less to no activity from Pommery, Moet, Charles Heidsieck and Piper Heidsieck.

There is also a lot of automation of Tweets as well which clearly shows on some labels as all their posts are content relating to their brand of Champagne and offer no reTweets or mention of other users on Twitter. Many labels are clearly missing out on Twitter for their Champagne label is mentioned frequently from people enjoying a glass whilst on holiday to people uploading photos of celebration with a bottle or two. Few labels clock on to this and reTweet when ever their Champagne name is mentioned, they are ahead in thinking and building a relationship with that person who long term, are far more likely to purchase their Champagne again as they have already spoken directly to that label!

The whole point of social media is indeed to be social and most of the content shared on platforms such as Twitter is of what people are doing and the interesting updates are usually accompanied with images. Just research “Champagne” on Twitter or indeed “Glass Of Bubbly” and you will see endless updates from users speaking about the drink and on many occassions showcasing by image or video.

Having recently launched a website dedicated to Champagne and worldwide sparkling wines I am now fortunate enough to be working with one or two of the lesser known labels on their social media strategies and how to build them active target audiences. To be honest, it is mostly common sense and a big fact is that the conversation of Champagne is very active on social media so it is a case of those Champagne labels striking first and engaging with all things Champagne on Twitter to build their brand awareness. True, Moet or Laurent-Perrier may be household names for consumers purchasing Champagne online, in supermarkets or from their local wine merchant, but why shouldn’t lesser known names be really seeing the clear gap in the market for them to build their ‘label’ awareness and start to increase demand for their Champagne?

My name is Eve and I specialise in social media strategies and management for wine and Champagne. Thank you for reading.


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