5 Great Youtube Channels to Subscribe to:

There are so many videos now on Youtube and accounts to follow that literally every type of topic, any scenario, any latest news, any record breaking event, live footage, political campaign or past black and white movie will be find-able somewhere within the depth of it’s archives… The days of videos, DVD’s or even memory cards in the world of ‘video/film’ is now replaceable by online movie / video channels and Youtube leads this every popular pack.

Now here I present 5 great Youtube channels that I advise those who spend, like myself, a good few hours browsing Youtube on the hunt for that next thing to watch (usually when I’m suffer from that frequent evening time challenge of insomnia) – Some are widely known and indeed have their prestigious one million Subscriber 24-Karat Gold ‘Play Button’ given to them by Youtube themselves and others are quite content with a handful of loyal and interested viewers each time they upload a new vid:


Number 1: Secureteam10

I do not often subscribe as I am usually happy to flick from topic to topic when on Youtube, I’m the kind of person who’ll start with how to pair wine with fish and end up watching formula one crashes of the 1970’s, but here is a channel that was well worth a ‘subscribe’. I find the information that this channel releases, namely via channel owner Tyler Glockner who has a soothing and relaxing delivery of words, very engaging and though on a very debatable topic of UFO sightings and other strange worldwide incidents, it leaves the viewer in control to decide on what they have just seen.

I have followed this channel for a while now and it has certainly grown in loyal following size to now over 1.4 million (as of April 2018) and you get the impression that the subscribers both enjoy and educate themselves from the video and news stories released, in most occasions comments left are constructive even if the highlight strange occurrences have been debunked / resolved.

Secureteam10 channel is also very exposed and does well to continue to air on Youtube with such a close to the edge main topic as many other accounts have been closed down by them (or political voices twisting Youtube’s arm) for sharing similar hoax moon landing or UFO sighting on their channels. Maybe Secureteam10 is too big for Youtube to close, it would gather too much negative news towards them as many followers of Tyler’s channel are loyal ones – We all know that political correctness and freedom of speech is somewhat under attack and certainly via social media channels – Let us hope Tyler’s fine efforts are allowed to continue to explore the strange occurrences across our planet.

Number 2: Shawn Woods

You’ll start to see how my focus wonders when I am on Youtube as here is another channel that I came past sometime back and which I like the style of the easy to understand yet, worryingly I suppose, entertaining videos. It’s all about mousetraps, yes you heard me right ‘Mousetraps’, yet there is once again something soothing and engaging with how the videos are made.

Please do not think I am alone in being slightly weird, this channel has over half a million subscribers and the videos have totalled over 150 million views and the beauty of this channel is that it is so very target in it’s topic, ie mousetraps and each with a conclusion ie mouse trapped or not, and the videos are home made style, ie no expensive video editing or cameras used.

Some may cringe, others will watch with interest as they maybe likewise troubled by rodents such as mice / rats. I think this channel has carved out probably the biggest online audience for this industry sector and is in my mind worth a packet of money to the industry as a greater percentage of those watching are likely to take recommendations on the next mouse trap they should purchase – It is equivalent in a marketing sense to the front page of the national newspaper or an advert/commercial in between the X-Factor – Mouse trap companies are guaranteed a more or less completely target audience to help them in selling more of their products!

Number 3: Creep Catchers Canada

Again something very different! Here’s a topic I stumbled past a few years ago initially via a show from the US hosted by Chris Hansen called ‘to catch a predator‘ where a TV series with hidden cameras set around sting house tempts in would be sexual predators after meeting with children via online chats. Unfortunately this show exposed many men for having communicated and set up meetings with children for sexual purposes and rightly so ended up hitting the sting house and getting exposed by Chris Hansen and arrested.

This trend has continued to grow in both suspects waiting to be captured and audiences wanting to watch. Online there are many teams of people who now take it upon themselves to catch predators on their own steam and funding – These are not TV series with film crews, these are usually concerned parents or previously abused individuals who seek to protect children of their community and beyond. I will not say they are vigilante in anyway as all the videos I have watched have remained non violent and with the simple aim of exposing the would be predator and calling in the cops / police to arrest them.

Here I have picked out one group that I like the style of, it is both entertainment in that the bad guys / lady is captured so satisfying and importantly, as per myself, for parents it highlights the ways in which these predators work so we can learn to help to protect our children more online.

Number 4: The Slow Mo Guys

Many I am sure will have come past these two chaps who can summed up easily as being 2,500 frames per second. Here we have fun, days of child hood care free moments and experiments that as adults we still would love to indulge in, it is about getting messy, causing havoc, blowing things up and more.

With 10.8 million subscribers, Gav and Dan have taken the slow motion filming seen by storm since their back on Aug 15, 2010. From exploding aerosol cans to smashing TV screens with a sledgehammer – It is all done in super slow motion quality so the high detail of every aspect of the action is captured and can be enjoyed – Ever wanted to see a bullet leaving a gun underwater??? … Then tune in to The Slow Mo Guys!

Number 5: Hydraulic Press Channel

OK, insomnia time still trying desperately to keep me awake and still I wonder round Youtube searching for the next few minutes of visual entertainment and another channel that regularly shows in my recommend timeline is all do to with crushing things with a hydraulic press – Yes, nearly 2 million subscribers too then are as crazy as me in my entertainment preferences!

Something in the similar zone to The Slo Mo Guys in that we are entertained with what happens if style videos, ie crushing a bowling ball or 1,500 sheets of paper – Yes we all want to see this as for sure it is interesting isn’t it? I will argue the fact with you at 2am in the morning…



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