Is the Gary Hogkiss’s arrest for online grooming children why Tommy Robinson was arrested?

A video showing the citizen arrest by a professional paedophile hunting group named Dark Light has highlighted the capture of Home Office Official Gary Hogkiss – And my question to you dear reader is that has the recent lightening quick arrest and imprisonment of UK journalist Tommy Robinson got anything to do with it? Was the shut down of our human rights here in the UK, ie our Freedom of Speech, in relation to Tommy Robinson is because the government were concerned that he was on to something and about to not only highlight those who were being charged for paedophilia (which is illegal in the UK) , but also that he was about to expose many others and some being in prominent positions of society? We all remember what happened at the BBC and the paedophile news stories such as that of Jimmy Saville and then some…

Article in Daily Mail re sacking of Gary Hogkiss after being snared by paedophile hunters:

My opinion, and that I am entitled to, is that Tommy was on to something, it was nothing to do with whom were the people behind the crimes be it English, Asian, ladies or gents, it was more about exposing the whole issue of grooming gangs and protecting our children more for him and which would have eventually exposed members of the government and police force that were behind such crimes I believe – Gary Hogkiss being one live and current example.

My point here is not the arrest of Tommy Robinson as I do not know him nor follow in-depth his campaigns / history, it could have been the arrest of anyone for doing what Tommy was doing on the day, it is clearly our rights as citizens of this country to voice an opinion and if we had a more central / right government in charge now then there would be nothing but praise for what Tommy was doing – I mean who would be happy that their own children were being groomed or raped? I certainly would not and this is why I also praise highly the paedophile hunting groups that go on stings to protect our children (no they are not vigilante groups and if the police force / government had and sense they would work with them rather than against them). It is a shame though that many will be opposed to Tommy Robinson and happy that his free speech is being clamped down on and these people will also vent anger at paedophile hunting groups instead highlighting that these being are common voiced, thugs, unemployed, after Youtube hits and more instead of saying ‘thank you ladies and gents for cleaning our streets of predators’.

Angry, me? Yes of course, people in such a position as Gary with probably wealth and security gained from his position being a civil servant should have it all taken away – A full external third party investigation should now be carried out to find out what is happening at least within his department and if not, the whole of the government set up surely? If there is nothing to hide then let them in to investigate – Want to check my PC, my mobile, my tablets then go ahead, please do…

At present Gary has been arrested and no charge / imprisonment has been delivered so assume innocent until proven guilty – But he has been sacked so mmmmmmm… ??

Well done team Dark Light and thank you.

All video rights (Dark Light, UK Undergound Media & Youtube). Image screenshot rights: Dark Light


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