5 Practical Health and Safety Tips to Protect Your Business and Employees

As a business owner, you’ll be faced with all kinds of issues within the workplace. However, if there is one thing that should be put above anything else, it’s the health and safety of you and your team. It’s your job to make sure everyone stays safe at work at all times. To ensure your company complies with health and safety laws, here are some tips that can help.

Write a Health and Safety Policy

Whether you’re a startup or an established company, you must inform your team about what health and safety strategies you have in place. This will give your employees the information they need to stay safe within the working premises. Your health and safety policy should clearly define who does what within the company and it should be placed in a location where team members can easily access it. By law, you need to have a written policy if you have over five employees.

Carry Out Risk Assessments

When it comes to health and safety in your business, carrying out risk assessments is crucial. This will give you a better idea of what could cause harm to staff, and what measures you can take to keep everyone safe. Many hazards can be found in an office, such as loose wires. Therefore, identifying hazards, evaluating risks, and taking precautionary action is a must.

Conduct Regular Training

Every member of your team should know how to conduct themselves safely at work without risking the lives of others or themselves. To ensure everyone is following the correct guidelines, incorporating regular safety training into the workplace is essential. These training sessions can provide useful information like the health and safety risks employees could face, and emergency procedures. Make sure you ask for feedback from your employees on the training so they’re fully aware of what is expected of them, and also to see if there is room for improvement.

Clean Frequently Touched Surfaces

Whether it’s door handles or computer desks, there are frequently touched surfaces in the workplace that can harbour bacteria and germs. This means it’s your responsibility to keep them clean.

You can go one step further and look into mobile UVC sanitising from VIOA. VIOA sells a variety of products that have been created to drastically lower the risk of illness-causing germs which are, in many cases, missed by time-consuming cleaning methods. Especially in light of COVID-19, you need to take additional action to keep the workplace clean and safe.

Have a First Aid Kit

Even if you have strict health and safety rules in place, workplace accidents can and do happen. Should an employee get injured, you must have a first aid kit on site, especially as it can potentially save lives. At the bare minimum, it’s mandatory for you to have a fully stocked first aid kit at work.

To keep everyone happy, healthy, and safe at the office, it’s your responsibility to adhere to health and safety laws. Putting all the tips above into practice will protect your business and employees and ensure everyone knows where they stand.


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