6 Surprising Things Your Employees Want In The Office

With the “great resignation” in full swing, employers are having to get creative on the subject of staff retention. Holding onto people is becoming much more difficult following the shift in consciousness that took place during the COVID-19 lockdowns. Employees are wondering whether it is really worth their time working hard in jobs they don’t like. They want more freedom in their lives, and don’t want to have to spend them chained to their desks.

In this post, we take a look at some of the things that you can do in the office to encourage your employees to stick around. Here’s what to do.

Add Functional Desks

Functional desks are becoming more popular with employees. They make it easier for them to move around during the day and help to keep them healthy. Sit-stand desks also give employees the impression that they’re not damaging their health, as sitting in a chair might.

Natural Light

Another common employee bugbear is the lack of natural light. Staff want to work, but they also want to feel at least some connection to nature. Nothing is worse than sitting in a windowless room all day, lit by fluorescent lights. It reduces productivity, increases stress levels, and can be a subtle force that pushes employees to quit.

A Canteen That Serves Healthy Food

Practically every business has a canteen of some sort, but relatively few serve healthy food. In most, you’ll find pastries, doughnuts, and salty ham sandwiches.

If you can create a canteen that serves healthy food, you’ll change the dynamic you have with your colleagues. They’ll view your brand as a place that looks after their physical body, reducing the cost of the work that they do. Remember, many employees worry about the effects of their job on their health, including the type of food that they have to eat at lunch time.

Easier Ways To Get Around

Lift installations are essential for functional offices. People don’t want to have to rely on the stairs every day, particularly those living with disabilities.

What’s more, installing them is relatively easy. Firms no longer need to construct lift shafts into the core of the building itself. Instead, you can install them ad hoc, wherever you need them.

Small Meeting Rooms

Office workers also want small meeting rooms similar to those that you typically find in libraries. These spaces allow them to collaborate effectively while also permitting concentration at the same time. Interestingly, employees want these spaces because they help them get the job done. Those that don’t include them are potentially putting employee satisfaction at risk.

Higher Cleanliness

After COVID-19, many employees are worried about the cleanliness of offices. They want to work in spaces that don’t potentially put them at risk of contracting a deadly disease. Germs are a top priority.

To determine the level of cleanliness staff require, ask for feedback. Get colleagues to tell you what they expect when they come into work in the morning. Find out more about their standards and then implement cleaning accordingly.


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