5 Tips to increase Twitter Followers.

5 Tips to increase twitter followers

Following is an important aspect of social networking. Other users will see your following volume and make a judgement of your brand accordingly. Therefore, you should try to get as many people to follow you as possible. It also increases your target reach as more users will see the content you are posting. So here are 5 basic tips to increase those following numbers.

  1. Twitter links – Everywhere appropriate, link back to your Twitter profile. Places such your blog, and other profiles make it easier for everyone to connect with you. Placing a live stream of your Twitter feed on your website also increases awareness of your Twitter profile – possibly leading them to follow you.
  2. Interaction – Make sure you interact with other Twitter users – for example, thank them for retweets. This will increase the chance of them thanking you, which all their followers will see. Also, make sure to retweet others tweets – even if they are not following you, this may be an incentive to!
  3. Make your ‘bio’ the best it can be – Your bio is what sells you or your company, so make it interesting. If you have a page you want to lead your followers to, place a link to it here. This adds depth to your profile and gives them somewhere to get more information about you (your bio shouldn’t be too long as it can bore followers).
  4. Tweet during peak times – 10.00 – 4.00 pm is the time when most users are on Twitter. Therefore, post most of your content in that period and it will have a greater target reach. The more people who your tweet reaches, the more likely it is that they will follow you! 1-2pm is the prime hour to tweet as most users are on their lunch break, so push content the most at this time!
  5. Follow others – Spend some time following relative profiles (people who you would like to follow you.) Most of the time, they will follow you back. However, some will not, so once in a while do a clean-up. Unfollow those who don’t follow you back to keep your following lower than your followers (this always looks better).



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