5 ways to improve brand trust in your tradesman business

You can only run a successful tradesman business when your customers trust you with their property, and unfortunately, that’s often easier said than done. Even if you are the most honest person around, the wrongdoings of your peers hasn’t given your industry the best reputation. For example, a Which? survey revealed that 38% of people didn’t trust the roofers or builders they’d employed.

Customers need to be confident that they’ll get a fair and professional experience before they agree to hire you, so it’s crucial that your branding demonstrates this from the start. Here are five things you can do to improve trust in your tradesman business.

1. Have a public liability insurance policy

Customers will have more faith in you if you can show you are properly insured. There are lots of different covers that can be beneficial, such as tools & equipment insurance and income protection. By law, you also need employer’s liability cover if you employ a team of staff. However, in terms of improving brand trust, public liability insurance is an absolute must.

This cover will protect your tradesman business should your work activities damage property or injure someone — for example, if you accidentally smash a window with one of your tools or someone hurts themself after tripping over your tool box. Your clients will certainly feel reassured knowing damages will be covered and there’s no chance they’ll have to pay for your mistakes. This is why insurance providers at Tradesman Saver recommend having a public liability certificate to hand: “As well as proving you’re covered, which can help convince clients to trust in your brand, it also gives you a handy summary of your policy so you can confirm details in no time.”

2. Join an association

Another way to prove your credibility is to join an accredited association. This will demonstrate that your services meet the association’s strict criteria and have been verified accordingly, immediately separating you from the unregulated cowboys clogging up the marketplace. The one you join will depend on your particular trade. CraftedPeople has listed all of the most popular professional bodies and trade associations, so look into the ones related to your vocation and compare the benefits, reputations and approaches to customer service of each. As well as making you appear more trustworthy, you will also gain access to training, support, and directory services which can further increase your business opportunities.

3. Encourage customers to give feedback

Clients will be more willing to trust you if other people can vouch for your services. Over 80% of consumers read online reviews for local businesses, with 91% more likely to use one with positive feedback. Many companies persuade their customers to leave a review in exchange for a discount or a freebie, but in your line of work, this isn’t particularly feasible, so all you can do is ask happy customers to do so out of the goodness of their hearts. Perhaps send a follow-up email once jobs are complete and include links to review sites like Trustpilot, or platforms such as Checkatrade and MyBuilder.

You could also film video testimonials from your previous clients to post on your website or social media, as these will seem more honest and transparent than faceless written reviews. And if you’re really lucky, some may even allow you to pass their contact details on to potential customers who can get in touch to discuss their experience with you.

4. Showcase examples of your work

It’s useful to have a portfolio which features images of any previous jobs so you can show potential customers your past achievements. As well as pictures of work at the time of completion, it’s even better if you can present them with recent shots of older projects as this demonstrates how successful your services have been in the long term.

Try and offer an honest and transparent look into how jobs are progressing by uploading pictures of developments to your social media profiles. Including snaps of you and team members hard at work will also give potential customers a better sense of who you are on a personal level, making them more likely to trust you with their property.

5. Create a personable online presence

Professionalism is obviously important, but don’t be afraid to show a little personality on your website and social media channels. Research has shown that consumers who see a brand as ‘human’ are 1.6 times more likely to purchase from it and 1.8 times more inclined to recommend it to others.

Look for opportunities where you and your employees can tell customers a little about yourselves. An ‘About Us’ page on your website is the perfect place for you to share your business’s story, while blogs and videos can also help create a unique brand voice. Giving your content a human touch will make your tradesman business more relatable to potential customers, which is a great way to build trust.


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