When is the Best Time to Buy an Air Conditioning Unit?

It doesn’t seem easy to imagine that there is an excellent time to purchase an air conditioning unit since you see them in stores at any time of the year. But according to experts, the best time to shop for an air conditioner is during the cooler months, either in early spring or during winter. During these times, the demand for air conditioning units is quite low.

Advantages of buying during low season

It takes a bit of research and creativity to find the best deals. During the winter months, retailers often have a large inventory of window type air conditioners. During this time, you can be sure that retailers will be offering significant discounts to encourage consumers to buy. You can get more discounts if you purchase the floor model of the previous year.

But here is something else to remember: if you want to install a new central air conditioning system, time it in the spring or fall. Installers of HVAC are busiest during the summer and winter months when people need to feel comfortable even if it is sweltering or freezing outside.

During the off-season, you can bargain better. You can ask for discounts or maybe ask for a freebie. If you let the air conditioning Kent contractor know that you are looking at several bids, it will prompt them to offer you their most competitive price.

Availability of professional help

Aside from the lower prices and additional discounts, professionals have more free time to ensure that you get the right unit and install it correctly. You will also need to get some help to repair any problems that go wrong, you can try Sovereign Planned Services.

More time for research

Before you need to use an air conditioner in summer, you have more time for research and to find which type is most suitable for your cooling needs. Check out different companies, their products and services, ask them to evaluate your home, and send you cost estimates.

Advanced planning

You can choose to purchase the air conditioning unit during the off-season and install it later when the weather is better. When you plan the installation in advance, the installer will have time to inspect your house correctly, make recommendations, and choose the best method to install the unit.

Which type should you buy?

Depending on the size of your residence, you can choose either a window type unit or a central air conditioning system. If you are a renter, the cheapest and easiest to install is a window type unit.
But if the house is your own, and has several rooms, you might consider investing in a central air conditioning system. The initial cost may detract you from purchasing a unit, but a central air conditioning system will pay for itself. You can use it for up to 15 years, and if you maintain it regularly, you can even extend its life for a few more years. A properly maintained air conditioning unit will provide you with efficient service whenever you need it.

The size of the unit you buy will depend on the area you are going to cool. Get expert help from an experienced contractor before you make a purchase. Be sure that the air conditioning unit you get fits your needs.


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