5 Ways to Promote Your Miniature Golf Course

Are you looking to diversify your income by investing in a miniature golf course? A miniature golf course is aesthetically appealing, as your local clientele will find it attractive and want to visit more often. But owning a miniature golf course alone is not going to automatically bring in all the customers that you need to generate enough revenue to run the business and make a profit. You need to promote it

1. Promote as a Team Effort

Many businesses are thinking outside the box when it comes to promoting their offerings. They see promotion as a way to bring employees together, which is important for team building and an important ingredient for an inclusive work environment. When there is harmony among the employees, they will be happy to promote your miniature golf course passionately. Inclusiveness at the workplace plays a major role in this, as employers feel like they are part of the decision-making process. Promoting your miniature golf course as a team effort will resonate with potential customers. You can reserve the mini-golf course for the day and allow your employers to compete for prizes, perhaps even offering a small golf bag for par 3 as an enticing reward.

2. Miniature golf course for hire for children’s parties

Your miniature golf course can become the birthday destination for kids. Make available all the things that will be needed for a children’s party, you can supply birthday pieces such as plates, party gifts, and balloons for a fee. You can partner with local cake makers so that they can supply the cakes and ice cream. You might also want to consider investing in a music system (maybe karaoke), lighting, some tables, and seats. Otherwise, you can just rent your miniature golf course out for the day and allow the parents or organizers to decide what they want to with it. Word will get out and every other parent will want their kids to have their birthday parties at your miniature golf course.

3. Invest in advertising

Your business needs all the promotional efforts that it can get, including advertising. It is best to outsource this to an external advertising agency. The last thing you want is combining the activities of running your miniature golf course and advertising at the same time. Advertising agencies know the best marketing options for your miniature golf course, they know where to find your customers and know what strategies to deploy. You can still run comprehensive advertising for your mini golf course even if you have a small budget, if done properly it can give your business the promotion that it needs.

4. Host events

Hosting events at your miniature golf course is a sure way to promote it. Doing so will bring everyone in the community to the arena, which is a great opportunity to win them over. Teens are always looking for the newest cool spot to hang out with their friends, so hosting a teen-focused event can help bring them to your mini golf course. You make it a once a week affair, where all the teens gather to have fun at the arena. This is a great way to generate revenue as teens make up a lucrative demographic. You can target days or nights when there is usually low turnout to host the events. Your mini golf course will be known as the spot where teens gather to have fun in an affordable environment.

5. Encourage selfies and photo sharing

Let your customers know that they are free to take selfies and share the fun and excitement on their social networks. This is a fantastic way to promote your mini golf course. It is inexpensive as your customers are doing the promoting free of charge. You can also create photo related games and activities like a selfie challenge where customers take fun selfies and share them on their Instagram and Twitter. You can give out prizes to customers who participate. A good example of a miniature golf course that has benefited from photo sharing on social networks is plonkgolf.co.uk


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