6 Key Steps to Build your Social Media Following.

We are quite sure that many of you using Social Media frequently look at rival accounts of those accounts of your close connections and why how those with high followers have managed to get others to follow them with such success? Let’s look at a few key pointers to increase your following on social media and hopefully you can start to see your numbers grow…

  1. Become Social in everything you do online. Make sure you use social media icons on all your marketing material such as websites, emails footers, business cards, leaflets and anything else that displays your busines name. These social media buttons alert people that you are contactable on them and you will generally gain a new follower everytime a warm lead checks you out on Twitter / Facebook etc.
  2. Be Responsive. Make sure that if you are on Social Media that you act everytime someone connects with you. Make sure you research who is talking about you and see to it that you reply to them soonest or aknowledge their mention of you.
  3. Be Active. If you have made the effort to create your social media accounts then it is wise to use them frequently to show others that you are active. There is no bigger turn off for social media users than to inactive accounts or those which are seldomly used – It is said that you now have to be at least active every week to increase your chances of someone following / liking you.
  4. Share. Remember to look through content on social media and look to share content of others, especially content that you feel would be useful to your own followers. By sharing other peoples content outside of your network you highlight that you exist and will, a greater percentage of the time, gain interaction with someone new or a following from those you share content of.
  5. Use HashTags. By adopting hashtags in your updates you improve your chances of being found on social media, your keywords become findable (by placing a hashtag in front of a work it becomes an active and clickable search term). Look out also for trending hashtags and join in the conversation with these as it’s is likely to be a target audience following them, ie if you hashtag is #ColchesterHour then you can assure yourself that those engaging in chats are to be local to that town and ideal if they are your target audience.
  6. Blogs. If you are able to write good and informative blogs then these will increase your chances of being found and followed on social media – Blogs are widely shared, especially those that are well written and on a popular topic. Look to host blogs on your website, have share buttons on each blog and certainly update your social media platforms with the URL of each blog you write.



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