6 Steps To Organise A Marketing-Friendly Corporate Event

The event industry is becoming a part of all industries because the brands are realising the significance of this approach. Be it an annual dinner gala, exhibition or a product launch event; you need to understand how to utilise it for the benefit of your brand.


Events are one of the best marketing tools in the industry. The current event industry of the UK is worth more than 42 bn. Organising an event, especially a corporate event, is a tedious task. What makes an event special? The fact that you can achieve so many promising results from an event makes it an exceptional marketing tool.


Read on to know how to organise a marketing-friendly corporate event:


  1. Make a checklist

A checklist is a must if you want your event to be organised and executed flawlessly. You need to write down all the essential items and tasks along with deadlines to make sure you don’t miss out on anything. Hand copies of your checklist to your team to ensure everyone is on the same page. The event will be representing your brand, which is why it is necessary for you to have everything in place at all times.


  1. Always have a budget

If you are planning an event without a fixed budget, then don’t be shocked when you notice hundreds of pounds of company money going down the drain. The budget will help you stay within your boundaries, i.e. not expect something too extravagant and unnecessary for your brand. It avoids chaos with the expenses, and overspending can have severe consequences, like bearing losses at the end of the event.


  1. Put an efficient team together

You cannot be a one-man show when it comes to corporate events. Organising a perfect event requires an dynamic team, who can help you at every corner with the necessary work. Divide the tasks among your team to ensure efficiency and better outcomes. How can you handle the decor if you are managing the guest list? Who will be coordinating with the guests if you are handling the suppliers? There is only one answer to these questions, an efficient event team.


  1. Always consider supplier options

When you are off to buy the required items, make sure you don’t purchase them from the first vendor that you meet. Always consider all the options that you have, i.e. meet with three-four suppliers, analyse their previous work & products, and accordingly, pick the right one for your brand. You can save a considerable amount of money in choosing the correct suppliers.


  1. Who is in your guest list?

Your guest list is the first direct approach towards marketing your brand in the event. All of the above steps are to create a marketable product, while this ensures that you communicate it with the right people. As per your event, invite the guests who can either participate in the event or enhance its reach by being a part of it. If they are not contributing content to your audience, then they should at least attract media towards the event; helping you get free coverage.


  1. Branding and PR

Marketing should be your ultimate goal from every corporate event. Reaching your target audience and making sure that they recognise the objectives of your brand will help your event in many ways. Your branding, i.e. posters, outdoor hoardings, invites and digital communication needs to target your potential customers, and so should your PR strategy. The idea is to get coverage in all the beneficial newspapers, television channels and radio programs. Hire popular influencers and an experienced team to handle the branding and PR aspect to make sure your event is a success.


Executing an event is as complicated as organising one. So, you need to have tangible goals. This will help you measure the success of your event, and accordingly, you can improve in the future.


Focus on a flawless event, not on an unbelievable one because mistakes will be highlighted more in the media as compared with a low profile event. Thus, defying the purpose of a marketing-friendly corporate event.



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