6 ways in which the advertising industry is changing in 2020

The car advertising industry has come a long way, and 2020 is the year of many advancements. Over the years, with digitalization and newer technology, we see trends like never before. The first car advertisement came in 1918, and in the last hundred years, there is a 180-degree shift in the way automobiles companies are approaching advertising.

Here’s a list of ways in which the car industry is changing in 2020 –

Safety based advertisements

This year the car advertising industry will deliver ads based on consumer safety. The focus should be on creating impressionistic scenes, highlighting functional features and reassuring customers of the safety. The top searches today reveal customers are worried about their safety, and this is the way to inform them about how your car delivers the safety promise. There is a complete shift towards illustrated ads depicting ideal scenes.

Lifestyle focused advertising

In 2020 there is a rise in lifestyle targeted advertising of cars. The makers are making the customers realize that this is not a luxury car but a way of living. The lifestyle centric approach is in the center of each ad as more and more car models have become affordable to the common public. The ideas are relating the car to a daily necessity instead of the status symbol approach that was used in the initial days of car advertising.

Customer trust advertising

With everything changing so drastically, all automobile companies are roping in ideas for advertisements to win the customers’ trust. This year more ads will focus on the science-based facts for their product and why customers should trust them with their safety. This trend came in the advertising industry with growing concern about personal safety amongst a large population of customers. Car companies should focus on clearly communicating the measures and precautions taken for everyone who buys the cars they sell.

Use of search engine marketing

The car ad industry is aiming for social media engagement, and search engine marketing is the best bet this year. The focus is on the use of a competitor’s keywords and creating engaging content. As the automotive retail industry has changed, we have ventured into the year where the entire focus will be on creating ads that depict newer developments and latest technologies.

Emotional connection

If there’s a trend you need to look out for, it is this. An emotional connection is revolutionizing the ads in 2020. This can be what can set you apart in the market flooded with ads. An emotional connection builds a relatability factor and defines a relationship between the consumer and the car. Using human emotions and creating idealistic scenarios around it can be a great choice. Each vehicle brings along with its particular memories, and using this will leave your audience with something to go back to.

Technological advancements in car designing

We have ventured into the year where the entire focus will be on creating ads that depict newer developments and latest technologies. The car savvy customer is eager to know what is the latest model equipped with and how it will enhance their driving experience. There’s a need to emphasize what you are getting in the market. If the company is introducing a modern interior or a wheel technology, be sure that these are highlighted in the ads.


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