Fair and Exhibitions: creating the right synergy through your promotional material

Brand awareness is vital to any business, and the way you promote this will determine whether someone picks your company or someone else’s. Creating a strong brand presence allows the customer to have confidence in your company and what you are selling, therefore being able to increase sales.

In this article, the team at TFH Gazebos is going to help us with some tips about combining your promotional material to enhance your brand awareness.

When you are exhibiting at a fair or exhibition you need to get the balance correct at showcasing your brand with the right promotional materials to attract visitors to your stand.

The first thing visitors will see in a room full of stands is banners. Having a banner behind your stand will allow people to see your logo or company name from further away, so if it grabs their eye they will be more likely to head over and take a look at what you have to offer.

If you are the only one with a banner or flag then it will stand out no matter what you have on it, but if you are in a sea of them, then you’ll need to be clever and make it stand out. This can be with an eye-catching logo or the colours you choose to use.

Make sure you plan your banner for the event you are exhibiting at, consider if you will be at a trade show or exhibiting to consumers as this may affect what brand image you are trying to promote. Pictures on a banner can tell a story quicker than words. No-one is going to read more than a logo or quick tagline of what you offer, but pictures can showcase what you do. It is also worth including your social media and website on the banner as visitors will know they can find you online and be able to connect with you via your social media platforms. Indicating where the company is based, which could be via a map at an international fair is also good for customers to know who and where they are buying from. The more information and more people know about the company the more they will trust it.

Banners come in lots of different shapes and sizes, but if you don’t have a lot of room then roller banners are great to have at an event, as they don’t take up much room, but can be printed with lots of information. Having specifically made banners for certain events, you could also use a discount specific to that event to entice people to purchase your products or services.

If you are attending an outside show or fair, gazebos can work very well, they can provide some shade on a hot sunny day or provide some cover if it begins to rain. They can also turn heads if they are inside, people will get more curious about what’s going on, having a plain one is all well and good, but what you really want is a branded gazebo. For shows, companies will usually have a logo, social media and website address and then will showcase their products or services through information and images on the inside or outside or the gazebo walls depending on what will be most visible for the attendees.

Anyone that visits your stand who shows an interest in your product or service you need to give a business card to as you want them to contact you after the show to hopefully purchase your goods or services.

Again depending on the type of fair you may also what to have other marketing materials such as a promo counter, these provide an excellent display solution for your brochures and leaflets or giveaways like cotton tote bags, pens, magnets and so on all with your brand logo printed on them. Your company is then remembered and kept in mind when these are looked at again when the visitors get home.

Remember exhibiting at a show, fair or exhibition is about getting your brand in front of a new or bigger audience. Depending on the type of exhibition and the product or service you sell you may not get actual sales on the day, but more people will know about your business and the leads and connections you make on the day will help with future sales for your business.


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