7 Days To Transform Your Life

Everything Around You Is Within You

“This is the self-help book for people who are desperate to improve where they live and work. In this focused 7-day guide, Cathi assists you to:”

  • Let go of your clutter.
  • Let go of the invisible space patterns around you.
  • Learn to meditate.
  • Identify the life you want.
  • Code your space with the best messages.

Cathi Hargaden is an entrepreneur, property developer, trainer and author based in Manchester, U.K.

7 Days To Transform Your Life is an invitation to start changing what is immediately around you.

If you don’t make space for the magic to happen, you will continue to attract the same patterns.

“Make Space For The Magic To Happen”


If you would like to read this book then you can pick up a copy up on Amazon.

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