8 essential travel tips for Birmingham business flyers

The stakes are high when you’re travelling for business, which means you need things to run as smoothly as possible.

So for those of you travelling from Birmingham Airport on business, here are eight travel tips to get you off to a flying start.


  1. Travel rewards 

Whether you’re a regular or habitual business traveller, joining a travel rewards scheme where you gain points or miles on your airline, hotel or travel credit card is a great idea, because it enables you to get something back from your travels. So head online and find the right rewards program for you.


  1. Organize your travel details online 

Keeping track of your flights, accommodation and other travel reservations can be challenging, especially if you’re travelling a lot. However, if you download travel application App in the Air, you’ll be able to access all of your business trip information in one place.


  1. Protect your clothes

When you’re packing suits, shirts, blouses and other clothes that easily crease, you should store them in plastic dry cleaning bags. The plastic reduces friction and helps prevent those ghastly wrinkles. And for your shoes, you can place shower caps around them to prevent them from dirtying your clothes.


  1. Tweet your airline

Long gone are the days of calling up your airline and waiting in a queue of flustered customers when travel problems arise. Nowadays, most airlines have customer service reps monitoring their Twitter pages, so if you’re looking for a quick and easy way to get help from your airline, send a tweet.


  1. Airport Lounge

So for those of you travelling from Birmingham Airport on business, whether that’s with a busy airline or with a private plane via a company like Jettly, here are eight travel tips to get you off to a flying start. If you don’t currently have a membership you can book Birmingham Airport lounge access on Lounge Buddy – it has great deals for one-time passes.


  1. FlightSmart 

When you’re flying from Birmingham on business, it’s worth taking advantage of the airport’s FlightSmart service, where you’ll receive live flight updates direct to your phone (via Facebook or Twitter). This way, you’ll be able to enjoy the airport facilities without constantly worrying about checking the departures board. You can find out more about FlightSmart on the official airport website.


  1. Drive to Birmingham Airport 

If you’re looking to start your business trip in style, driving to the airport is a must. With the radio turned up and your seat perfectly adjusted, you’ll feel calm and comfortable as you cruise to the airport. And if you book Birmingham Airport parking on SkyParkSecure.com, you’ll bag yourself a big discount too.


  1. Do something fun 

Work trips don’t have to be all business and no pleasure. In fact, when you’re visiting a different city on business, it’s a great opportunity to indulge your inner tourist by doing something fun, such as visiting an attraction, dining at a nice restaurant or heading on a walking tour that includes some of the best hotspots.

Follow these eight excellent tips and your business trips from Birmingham will be better than ever from here on in!


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