How Can You Lose Your Car Insurance?

There are many ways that you can lose your car insurance. This varies from company to company as there is an internal guide each company or agencies have to follow. But mostly, you can lose your insurance if you are constantly involved in the following;

• When you are always involved in an accident that is your fault which can be prevented
• Most car insurance companies do not want to trade with this type of person
• Constantly over speeding
• Nonpayment of your premium can lead to losing your car insurance
• Excessive alcohols intake while driving can make you lose your cheap car insurance

However, before you lose your car insurance, car insurance companies normally give 60 days’ notification. Always contact them to sort things out if you still want to be on road.

Car Insurance Renewal Denied, Why?

The best way to know the reasons is to contact your insurance broker. However, the following can make your car insurance policy not to be renewed:

• Health Reasons; depending on the type of auto insurance you are covered. Your mental and physical wellbeing can lead to it
• Conviction by law court. This involves you constantly disobeying the state driving laws
• When your auto insurance company goes out of operations – this can mean they are no longer operating in your area

Noneligible for Driving Can Also Lead to the Nonrenewal of Your Policy

These are some of the reasons. There are still more depending on the type of insurance you have. It will be best to contact your insurance company for more information.

What should you do when no other car insurance company don’t want to insure your car? If the company cancel your contract with them, the best thing for you to do is to contact your state insurance. However, you should talk to yourself about what has gone wrong with your them and try as much as possible to avoid it reoccurring. Depending on the reasons why your formal car insurance contract with them canceled, do expect a higher car insurance premium if it’s your entire fault. This still depends on the states.

How Long Can You Notify the Company Before Your Policy with Them Is Canceled?

• This is normally stated in your car insurance policy summary. However, many car insurance firms will tell you 60 days.
• Is there a grace period for late payment of your car insurance premium?
• The Loyola company do give grace period for late payment of premium. You should check it up in your policy summary. It is usually 15 days.

How Do You File Your Car Insurance Claim?

There are two ways to file your car insurance claim. It can be direct filing and indirect filing. Direct filing involves you filing your insurance claims documents with the company. The procedure to handle this will be in your policy booklet. If it is not written there, you will contact your company on the procedures you will follow to file by yourself.

The second way to file your car insurance claims is to contact your broker or insurance company for them to file it for you. Sometimes insurance company may request to see your truck or car for inspection.

Filing A Claim

How long do you have to wait when you file a claim for your car that was involved in accident or lost? Frankly speaking, car insurance does not tell you a specific date they can pay your claim. They may say as soon as possible, but that may not happen most of the time. This is due various reasons like your car insurance claim documents passing through various administrative processes like adjusters, supervisor and even legal department of auto insurance company involved.

However, you can quicken the process by filing your auto claim with the right documents, contacting your insurance company’s adjuster and supervisor that are handling your case on a regular basis and following the guide in your car insurance policy booklet on filing car insurance claims. With these, your case will be processed quicker.

Lending Your Car to Your Friend

Your friend had an accident with your car you lend to him, does your car insurance cover him? Car insurance policy covers drivers who seek your consent to use your vehicle. However, to answer this question properly, you should check your car insurance policy or contact your broker. Most of these questions are explained in the car policy booklet. If your booklet does not contain the clause, contact your car insurance broker he will explain if your car insurance covers him or not.

Paying for a Lower Claims

Can a car insurance company pay lower claims to what are you requesting? The company pay out what is reasonable or fair to their holders. But you should know that they consider a lot of factors before paying out like depreciation, faults of the car involved, car history, etc. However, you should be aware that you can reject any claims that you deem not enough to cover what your claim.

This can be done by contacting your Insurance for re-negotiation of the deal. If you are not satisfied, you should contact your lawyer. Many lawyers may decide to file suit against your auto insurance company, but you should be aware of the cost involved in it.


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