8 Steps to manage a clinic’s agenda

Managing a clinic’s agenda may seem at first glance a very easy task that any professional or assistant could perform in a paper notebook; However, it goes beyond taking a pen and writing the name, date and time of the appointment of your patients because everything must be strategically planned and organized so that the itinerary of the day is fulfilled and of course your patients, who are the most important to achieve success, should not stay in the room for a long time waiting for your call.

In addition, keeping a good administration of a clinic’s agenda will be useful for you to know closely how much you have or have done the professionals who work with you and of course, so that you do not miss any important slope due to the bad organization weather. Having a good administration of the clinical agenda will help you plan the shifts and activities of your center and that is why we want to give you 8 steps to help you take it much better.

1. Use the technology

Nowadays, accessing tools that help you reduce your time in operational tasks and that allow you to have better control of your clinic is much more feasible because they are available to everyone. A management and marketing software is perfect to manage the agenda from the cloud intelligently and to set reminders of pending or important activities to do in your day. Don’t forget the system to increase the safety and comfort of your patients. For example, consider buying a system to manage car park barriers.

2. Use colors

Nothing better than using colors to highlight or differentiate the activities you have in your workday, this will allow you to be more alert of things like: patients who have canceled at the last minute, the appointments you have attended, or those you have during the week. Use the colors of your choice and configure it according to your needs, without a doubt the management software you use will allow you to adjust the agenda of your clinic with the colors you want.

3. Define your priorities

Understanding what activities you should do first or which ones are more important than others will help you plan your day better so you don’t feel that you needed time to fulfill them all.

4. Assign a little more estimated time for your appointments

If you have stipulated twenty minutes for each appointment of your patients, perhaps allocate ten more minutes to always attend them calmly and without rushing, in this way they will feel that you dedicate the time they require instead of running and want to get out of the way. This will also help you, so that if for some reason your patient had a delay of a time to attend to it without having to run the time of the other patients and affect your workday.

5. Build lines of work

Surely you should carry out some type of follow-up with your patients to show their evolution and if the treatment you are using is going correctly, to do this, delimit dates in which you consider that you will have the expected results in order to work towards these and rely on the medical records of your patients.

6. Leave spaces

We advise you not to fill your days only with appointments and leave some space in the day to attend things that arise spontaneously in the day or that are part of the routine as mentioned above.

7. Group the tasks

One of the most useful things for your daily work that will work for you to manage the agenda of a clinic is that you group the similar tasks so that you do not lose the pace of work or concentration level and the time is much more efficient.

8. Take some time out of your day to review and update your clinic’s agenda

It is important that within your day you take some of your time to keep track of your clinic’s appointment agenda that allows you to check if you are meeting the proposed goals and tasks. The most important thing is that you make this step a daily habit that will help you achieve the goals of your clinic.


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