5 Business Types That Are Restricted from Placing Ads on Facebook

Facebook is the primary marketing platform for many businesses. Since digital marketing has become very popular, numerous businesses pick social media pages because they can target their audience much easier and at a low cost. That makes the marketing process both effective and efficient. Pretty much every business can place ads, but because we had a lot of scandals in recent years, Facebook has decided to draw a line and limit the types of businesses that are allowed to place ads. So, which industries are not allowed to market themselves on this platform?

Online Casinos

This may come as a surprise, but online casinos are not fully allowed to advertise themselves on Facebook. They do have a bit of freedom, but there are numerous restrictions when it comes to the marketing process. Sites like novicasino.com can have their pages, but the marketing process is very well controlled. The targeted audience has to be over 18 years old, the content mustn’t be addictive and the reach is limited. These are some of the restrictions that Facebook has put on online casinos.

Adult Content Businesses

This comes as no surprise because Facebook is filled with underage people. The adult content business is only for people over 18 and it is considered illegal in many countries. To protect its users, Facebook has prohibited to place such ads on the people’s news feeds.

Tobacco Companies

In the last decade, the world is at war with the tobacco industry. The war lasts so long just because this industry is one of the most powerful and most profitable in the world. Millions of people have a lot to lose if they fall apart, which is why they cannot allow themselves to lose. However, Facebook is supporting the movement against the use of tobacco and has forbidden the companies of such nature from marketing themselves on their platform.

Weapon Sellers

With the recent mass shootings that have been happening in the world, especially in the USA, Facebook is more motivated than ever to fight against the weapon sellers. Weapons bring a lot of unsafety and fear in the people, which is why Facebook cannot allow themselves to lose millions of users, just to benefit a small portion of them. The USA has more than 200 mass shootings in 2019 alone, so it is only right to join the movement against weapons and do everything we can to end the violence. You can read more about the crisis with weapons in the USA at https://www.insider.com/number-of-mass-shootings-in-america-this-year-2019-8.

Businesses that Promote Controversial Political Content

This has been a big problem, especially after the 2016 US elections and the whole scandal with Cambridge Analytica. Since then, Facebook has banned political extremists to even be a part of their platform because they promote discrimination and violence. The controversial political content has proven to have a lot of negative effects on their site and Facebook has spent the last year and a half battling against it.


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