9 ways to use Google Plus for Business Success.

Google Plus is one of the most talked about networks after Facebook and Twitter. Whether you are a mid-size business or a big corporation, a good use of social media matters in either case. Here are 9 ways to use Google Plus for Business Success.

Become a Google + user:

The first step is to create your Google Plus Profile for Business. Create a Google Plus Page; Join communities, those that interest you. Make yourself a respected member of Google Plus communities. This is an important first step that works best towards business success through Google Plus. Your circle will grow with every small step slowly and steadily.

Add People to your Google Plus Circle:

Go to your Google Plus Home Page; Scan through “You May Know”. Now connect to all your email accounts and search for people who attended the same school / college or worked with you in the same company. Add those people to your circle.


Build great content; generate new ideas. Share content useful to your community. Interesting article, images, quotations and videos shall encourage people to press +1 button for you, share and follow.

Make use of Google Hangouts:

Real Time Engagement matters in building trust. People want to realize that there is a real person behind the computer screen. Join Google Hangouts or Video Chats. Talk, answer a question or raise a concern. Much more people will connect with you.

Build Your Own Community:

Personalize your Google Plus for your Business. Build a community or two. Invite people to join. You can do this around your products, services or just for a cause. Many will join hands and invite their friends too. More viewers mean more business.

Find your prospects:

Everyone from your email list won’t want to buy your products. You will need more people. Make use of a Search on Google Plus to find people and pages. Add them to your circle. Many will add you back. Scan what others are talking about; do not be miserable in pressing +1 / Share button on posts. Put valuable comments too.

Optimize your Google Plus for Search Engines:

Google Plus is a wonderful SEO Tool. Choose your keywords for your profile, pages, and communities; make best use of those. Build content around your top keywords. Share often in form of comments and articles. Embed your keywords with Hashtag i.e. a #Sign followed by keyword. This step will increase your chances to be found on Search Engines, including Google Plus searches.

Add a Google Plus Badge to your Website:

Many people land on your website through another mediums like an Organic Search on Search Engines (Google / Yahoo / Bing / Any); The Ad Promos and via other social networks like Tsu.co or Twitter etc. People want to meet you, the real owner of the website. A Google Plus Badge on your website will encourage many to add you to their circle, read your posts, press +1 and put comments on your page. More people in your circle means enhanced visibility of your profile, pages and more members in your community too.

Add Family and Friends to your Google Plus Circle:

Your own people; family and friends will prove to be the best free


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