Reward Your Customers: Digitally.

In this day and age, your customers are most likely the modern, digitally engaged millennials of the generation. Of course, this doesn’t cover everyone’s demographic, but even so, almost everyone’s online. If your customers are online, it makes sense to engage with them via their devices, too. There are of course loads of ways to do this, but you could start with any of the following:

Offering Rewards Via Email Marketing

If a potential customer signs up to your mailing list, treat them as a VIP. Offer exclusive discounts to these coveted people, to keep their interest. There are loads of companies doing this especially well, and it works. Email marketing isn’t just for being pushy and promotional – it’s for giving your subscribers useful titbits of information. It could be dates for exclusive new lines, blog posts with tips, or details of new offers. There are loads of ways to ensure conversion to sales, keeping both you AND your customers happy.

Offering Loyalty Schemes

If I’ve popped out to the shops on a whim, I don’t always have my wallet. I do, however, have my phone, all the time. Businesses constantly expect people to carry their entire lives out and about with them, which isn’t usually the typical model in this day and age. Instead of stuffing a flimsy ‘stamp card’ into a bag or pocket after a meal or buying a product at your establishment, doing this technologically is the way forward. Innovative companies like Loyaltybook can help your business grow by allowing users to note their loyalty to you using a mobile app, as well as any other businesses who also use the scheme so it’s easier for the customer. It even goes one step further, and makes the experience fun – totally revolutionary.

Interacting On Social Media

Back in the day, if you got a mention in a magazine, or perhaps feedback to your comments delivered to your door, it would encourage you to shop with the company in question again. In today’s terms, interaction with a brand on social media does the same trick. The customer feels valued, like their feedback has been listened to, and most importantly, taken on board. The same goes for rewarding negative comments. ASOS’ Twitter feed, ‘Here To Help’ is especially good at this, recognising that their customers taking the time out of their days to complain can actually help them improve for the future.

Overall, this isn’t anything new. It’s simply taking existing techniques through to our modern age, and encouraging your customers to retain their business, and keep on coming back for more. 


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