A Look At Facebook’s Edgerank Algorithm

If you know anything about internet marketing then you’ll already have an idea of the importance of social networking. These days most people who are online have a presence on social media, which means that it is one of the best tools that you can use in order to get the attention of your potential customers.  However, what you also need to do as someone who wants to reach their customers online is look at the best way to use these websites – for example researching looking at what Facebook looks at in order to rank you well and give you maximum exposure. Doing this research allows you to look into aspects such as Facebooks Edgerank Algorithm and what you can be doing to ensure that your marketing methods within Facebook are working as well for you as possible – so that your marketing is as effective as it can be.

What is Edgerank?

Edgerank is a set of algorithms that decide what is displayed on a Facebook users newsfeed and where abouts it is displayed. Facebook have worked hard to tailor their newsfeeds to try and show more relevant news to people who are using its network. Edgerank is made up of different aspects namely Affinity, Weight and Time Decay.

These are all looked at upon as edges, which is to do with everything that happens on Facebook – so page updates, comments, likes and shares for example. Edgerank looks at each of these and how they are connected to the user. Understanding all of these can help to make sure that your internet marketing on Facebook is tailored towards the right places.

Affinity looks at the relationship between a user and a page. So for example if a user interacts with a page often then it is likely that pages news and updates will be shown on their news feed.

Weight looks at the type of interaction you are getting and how popular posts are. If a post gets lots of interaction on it then Facebook deems this as worthy and therefore it is likely to be shown on more peoples news feeds.

Time Decay looks at how long the post as been active and whether it is still valuable to be shown on a users page or not.

All of this sounds confusing but really it is about creating newsworthy content that people actually want to read. There is loads of information and theories surrounding Edgerank online, so reading up on this and getting fully informed should not be much of a struggle.


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