A search technique you may not realise you can do on Twitter:

Once you realise the potential behind Twitter for your business and for lead generation, we can start to look deeply in to targeting people / accounts for trends, their likes and their interests and even complaints their sharing against your competitors.

OSLG – Outbound Social Lead Generation.

It’s all about comments and feedback consumers are sharing on social media and then researching these within your locality and precise to the service / products you offer. Imagine the following Tweet being shared on Twitter:

Can not believe the car has a dead battery again this morning! #havetogetthebusagain!

By adopting a simply search technique on Twitter, a local mechanic who is active on social media daily, especially during the spell of cold weather, would simply have to search using:

“dead battery” near:”Colchester” within: 5mil

This simple code asks Twitter to show us results for solely the phrase ‘dead battery’ and within a radius of 5 miles. Once the mechanic finds such a Tweet they can respond with either helpful info or indeed really see an active and responsive plus a ROI on social media by even replying similar to ‘Dead batteries is what we specialise in, how about we come over and offer a free jump start.’ This not only deals directly with the users dilemma, but installs a goodwill gesture and builds a relationship ~ if a problem occurs on their car again in the future and the mechanic remains site on social media, it’s highly likely they’ll be thought of for a quote, especially if the mechanic shares quality and engaging content regularly to be seen as a local friendly expert.

Once you have discovered a search that works well for your business and which brings up regular target results, you can simply save it for repeat usage.

Search Term & Results shown in Twitter

Watching now ~ containing both “watching” and “now”. This is the default operator.
“happy hour” ~ containing the exact phrase “happy hour”.
love OR hate ~ containing either “love” or “hate” (or both).
beer -root ~ containing “beer” but not “root”.
#haiku ~ containing the hashtag “haiku”.
from:alexiskold ~ sent from person “alexiskold”.
to:techcrunch ~ sent to person “techcrunch”.
@mashable ~ referencing person “mashable”.
superhero since:2010-12-27 ~ containing “superhero” and sent since date “2010-12-27″ (year-month-day).
ftw until:2010-12-27 ~ containing “ftw” and sent before the date “2010-12-27″.
movie -scary :)  ~ containing “movie”, but not “scary”, and with a positive attitude.
flight :(  ~ containing “flight” and with a negative attitude.
traffic ? ~ containing “traffic” and asking a question.
hilarious filter:links ~ containing “hilarious” and linking to URL.
news source:twitterfeed ~ containing “news” and entered via TwitterFeed.


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