A Short Guide on how to Stop losing Tenders

As a go-getting, ambitious business person trying to get your enterprise on the map, putting in bids for tenders will vastly help the development of your business. Securing extra funds for your big idea is something you will need if you want to get things off of the ground but simply saying this is far more difficult than doing so and many businesses will try and fail to secure tenders. This is normal as tenders attract such competition and should not be a cause for concern but rather a motivator for you to up your game. In this short guide you will learn some helpful tips and tricks, so you can stop losing tenders and start winning with your business.

Don’t give up

The first thing you need to seriously accept is that you may have to try several times before securing a successful bid at a tender, but if you were not prepared for hard work, then you wouldn’t have taken up the mammoth task of running your own company. There are many reasons why you should seek tenders your business and these will always outweigh the long hours and lengthy process of pursuing them. One benefit is that tendering is a great way of generating new business and growing your clientele base.

Turning weakness into strength

Secondly, you need to know what to avoid when preparing for a tender bid, and really iron out any rookie mistakes you may be making when applying. To begin with, start being stricter on yourself and set stern guidelines for what tenders you will and won’t apply for. For this starting point, every tender you apply for should be meticulously planned out which, while it may add to the time scale of your workload, will pay off in the execution of the bid. Into this plan, always put time aside to go through the entire application to check for coherency and clarity of voice so you come across as your best self and put your business’s best foot forward.

Getting in the professionals

One of the best ways you can enhance your tender applications is to make the smart choice to employ professional, tender writers. The advantage of employing a tender writer is that this person will not only have experience in writing tenders in general but most likely will be assigned to your business because they are familiar with your particular industry and will be able to pinpoint the vital information you need to include to ensure you are successful on your tender application. One of the main benefits of hiring a professional to do the bid is that it allows them to work on the application full time while you don’t have to take your eye off of the running of your business day to day. Coupled with this, professional tender writers can see around an 80% success rate which means your business will do too.

Make your business the best it can be by using the winning formula to win your next tender.


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