Accept Losses in Forex Trading

Forex trading is all about taking risks. Most people are more inclined to take risks when their risks are leading to profits; however, when a winning streak ends and all your hard work is leading to losses, the level of risks may decrease. Or, for some people, a losing streak may lead to unnecessary risks. In order to be a successful forex trader, it is important to accept that losses are an inevitable part of trading. You need to understand and accept this fact in order to be able to see the bigger picture, improve your skill and become more consistently profitable.

Using Losses as a Learning Experience

More than just accepting that losses happen when you’re trading, it is important to use your losses as an opportunity to learn from your mistakes. In order to be able to do this, you must keep a record of all of your trades with detailed information about each one. At the time, you will need to record all of the information of the losing trade and then move on to focus on the next trade. File the losing trade away for a later time. Once the market has closed for the day, you will be able to review the details you listed for the losing trade. You may be able to find a pattern with your losing trades which will allow you to make changes and become more successful in future.

Following Your Strategy

If you experience a losing trade, you need to first determine if you followed your strategy or not. If you followed your strategy and still lost, analysing your diary may help you determine if your strategy only works under certain market conditions. If you didn’t follow your strategy, then the problem is most likely with you and not with your strategy. Ask yourself difficult questions about why you didn’t follow the strategy and work out how you will stick to your plan in the future. By understanding why you experienced a loss, you can work towards preventing them in future. But even with all the work, some losses are inevitable.


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