Why Van Santen Network is wishing everyone a harmonious 2017

It’s a Van Santen Network tradition to send the world a themed inspirational Christmas wish each year. Owner Christian van Santen feels that ‘connecting’ is more important than ever in the coming year: “Together, we can achieve more.”

Van Santen Network would like to wish you all a harmonious 2017. To reinforce that message, we’ve created a catchy musical animation. Promoting the concept of ‘harmony’ is our agency’s way of counteracting the turmoil in today’s world. “We can only work against instability by working together. Right now, people need to join forces and overcome our problems. Together. ”

Watch the animation here

New dimension in cooperation

Connecting is a part of Van Santen Network’s DNA. That’s why our agency has added a whole new dimension to its close collaborations with creatives, strategists, developers, content creators and online specialists.

Van Santen: “Instead of non-committal relationships, we strive towards partnerships, and our reasoning is based on strengths and capabilities. Networking is not just about bringing a handful of people together. Networking means connecting people who have ideas and see new possibilities. In a constantly changing world, new ideas are essential, and you should be able to develop them freely. Therefore, we have further increased the dynamism of our network, linking disciplines that no one imagines would strengthen each other mutually. In this way, you can achieve much more. ”

Support for The Residents

This philosophy links Van Santen Network’s Christmas wish to the Residentie Orchestra’s project ‘The Residents’. Musical instruments are provided to students from ‘priority neighbourhoods’ across The Hague, who are supervised by professional teachers. The project offers students an exciting opportunity to develop their talents and achieve something beautiful together – in both a musical and a societal sense.

Van Santen: “You can only win if you help others win.”

Van Santen Network in brief

Small core team for strategy and direction * Large network of excellent communication professionals * Strong brands * Creative, innovative and effective * Supportive of partnerships and co-creation * Short lines of communication, tight schedules, clear budgets * Amsterdam office, un-Amsterdam pricing.


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