Advice When Hiring New Staff For Your Company

Hiring staff for your company can be daunting, especially if you’ve never done it before. But with many more hands to the table, the addition of staff can certainly help grow your company. So with that in mind, here is some useful advice for hiring new staff.


What’s Your Budget?


First things first, you need to set a budget. Think about your turnover and how much you can set aside for new staff. Perhaps you can afford several, or maybe for now, it’s only affordable to get a part-time position in. The last thing you want is to hire someone when you don’t have the budget to do so. It’s not worth putting the business at risk and also the other staff members that might be working for you.


Know What Jobs Or Skills Are Needed


When it comes to sharing a job, you want to know what that jobs need filling or what skills are missing from your current team. You could already have someone in your team that’s capable of taking on more responsibility or can learn new skills, and therefore it’s more financially beneficial to promote that person. Once you’ve decided on your criteria, then it’s ready for potential employees.


Use An Agency


The hiring process can take up your time, so if you want to help spread the net out wider, you might find it useful using an agency. Recruitment agencies like Pure Staff Ltd will be able to filter out the best candidates for the job and will have screened every client themselves, so it saves you the job.


Pre-screen Candidates


Pre-screening candidates is a great way of making any cuts before meeting in person. Asking them a few questions about their CV that perhaps needs more clarification and confirming qualifications. It’s also handy to know what their payment expectations are because if it’s above what you can offer, it might not be worth the interview.


Ask The Right Questions


It’s good to have the interview process decided upon before you start calling people in for interviews. Maybe you need to incorporate a task during the interview or need to ask them to bring in a portfolio of their work. The same goes for your questions and what to ask. You should always check what they know about the company as that will tell you if they’ve bothered to learn anything about the company prior to the interview. You should ask them where they see themselves in five years and what they could bring to the organisation.


Check Background Information And References


Chasing up the candidate’s references and clarifying any background information is certainly helpful to avoid anyone or may have embellished their application.


Hiring new staff can be exciting. It can mean a change in the company and some fresh eyes on your business. Follow these steps to get the most out of the interview process and always make sure that you communicate with the candidates throughout to keep them in the loop of what’s happening behind the scenes.


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