How to reel in more promising leads and boost your company’s sales

The key to any company’s success lies in marketing. For the smaller set ups and the new comers, SEO is particularly relevant, but you probably already knew that. No matter what type of business you run, or how far your marketing knowledge expands, there’s plenty of straight forward SEO tools and ideas that you can apply yourself, from social media plans to creating informative content. If you also select a few cost effective services to use in conjunction with your own techniques, such as getting a landing page or a video brochure created for you, it can really help your business go the extra mile.

Don’t ignore SEO

You’ve heard it time and time again, you know you should be doing it, so why aren’t you? For your company to have a competitive edge you want your website to be showing up in the first page of results when people search for your service or product. People rarely browse on through to page two, so you need to get up there. You can employ an SEO specialist to help you with this or apply some basic SEO principles and utilise free tools from google to help your page rank higher.

You can also create optimised articles to draw organic traffic to your page. Providing useful, interesting articles that are high quality and relevant to your field brings people to you, rather than having to chase them, and once you have won their trust this way, you’re more likely to win their custom later, too. Not to mention, this increases your SEO ranking.

Win at Social Media

There’s no denying the popularity of social media, particularly among the younger demographic, and it’s a great way to connect with your audience on a more personal level, as well as offering another level of customer service. It’s a good idea to have one or two social media accounts for your company as a way to expand your network. There’s no need to go over the top and get a profile on everything, just focusing on a couple of accounts and making them strong tends to work best.

Let the camera roll

On your carefully chosen social media platforms, you can (deploy) another trick. The use of video as a medium has become extremely popular, and with good reason. When delivered in video form, 95% of the message delivered is likely to be remembered, compared to just 10% of that message when viewed as text. What’s more videos can be easily shared, which helps with organic “word of mouth” marketing.

Videos are currently the preferred medium for taking in information, and they seem to be working better than methods involving just text, so why not take advantage of that? Companies such as Vidioh can produce compelling video brochures to tell your business’s story in a way that will be remembered.

If you’re not practicing these three methods in 2019, you could be missing vital opportunities to be found by, be relatable to, and be remembered by your audience. Don’t miss that chance!


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