Amazing Office Features That Will Make Potential Employees Swoon




So you want to hire only the best employees out there? Well, you need to make sure that you are attracting only the top talent whenever you post a new job advert. Want to know one of the big secrets that can help to send the best people your way? You need to offer a cool office with plenty of practical and fun office features. Think about it this way – your employees will spend a huge chunk of their week in your office. So it needs to be a great space that combines practicality with a sense of fun. This will help to improve productivity, but it also creates a great social space in which your employees can flourish. Not sure which office features can make potential employees swoon? Here are our ideas.


Disabled Access


It is critical that your office is accessible to all. If your office building has a lift, then wheelchair users will easily be able to access the top floors. But what if you aren’t so lucky to live in a modern building? There is an easy solution to that. You just need to make sure that you offer easy wheelchair access for staircases. There will be loads of local companies who can fit in stairlifts for you. Once you have made sure your office is 100% accessible for all; then you will be able to accept job applications from anyone. So you can be happy knowing that you aren’t potentially missing out on some of the best new employees!




There is nothing worse than trying to work on an empty stomach! Not only is it terribly distracting, but it can also reduce concentration. And not having enough to drink is another concentration killer. To make sure your employees never go hungry or thirsty for too long, make sure there is always a good choice of free refreshments in your office. Obviously, it is best to stick to healthy snacks such as fresh fruit and yogurt. But you should also offer a small selection of chocolate and cookies for those times your employees feel like they need a treat! Make sure there is plenty of fresh water, invest in quality water coolers for the officeTea and coffee are also important as they will help keep your employees caffeinated and motivated throughout the day!




Health And Safety Facilities


Employees will also want to see plenty of health and safety facilities around your office. If they have a safe place in which to work, they can feel a lot more comfortable in their day-to-day work. This is especially important if your workspace features a lot of machinery and large equipment. You should make sure that you are offering plenty of safety clothing. If you work in a regular office, health and safety are still extremely important. You will need to make sure that you have plenty of fire escapes and that they are always free from obstructions.




Bright Decor


One of the best ways to create a friendly and inviting environment is to ensure that the office decor is bright and airy. A contemporary decor is always best, as it will prevent the office from looking too sterile and imposing. Adding artworks to the walls can also help to liven up the office space. When you are thinking of colors for your decor, try and stick to bright ones that can help create a light space. It is also a nice idea to ask your employees to bring in photos from home so that they can add a personal stamp to their work area.




Breakout Room For Employees


No one is able to work non-stop for the whole day. After all, we’re only human! So be sure to add a breakout room into your office space where your employees can go for a break. Add plenty of soft furnishings so they have loads of space to spread out. It is also a cool idea to add some fun games such as table football or ping pong. If you provide them with facilities that can help them to take their mind off their work for a few minutes. They will then return to their desk fully refreshed and ready to start work again.


You will find that a lot of the above features are extremely easy to incorporate into your office. Once the word spreads about your awesome and relaxed office, the word will quickly spread about your company. Once the word gets out, you will find that you quickly start attracting some major competition when you put out your next job advert!



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