Android Apps that you have to Try Out in 2018

The best part about using an Android-powered smartphone is that the developers just keep doing more. The Google team is always working on making sure that every user’s needs are met. Talking of which, did you know about the fabulous Android apps?

Android Apps

Android Application just keeps getting better and better. And we can do is say thank you to Google for these amazing applications that have made life easier. You can literally find any app you want including real money pokies which is compatible with many smartphones.

Google Trips

If you love travelling then why not get Google Trips? This is the new and innovative way of travelling with Google. Once downloaded, the app becomes the best tour guide that you could ever ask for. With the app, Google will collate your entire travel itinerary to ensure that your travelling is a breeze.

Mobile Passport

This free app from Google was also made for those who love travelling. Mobile Passport is a U.S Customs and Border Protection approved app. This app helps you speed up the customs process by letting you submit your passport control and customs declaration via your phone. The app only works when you have a Canadian or US passport.

Google Arts and Culture

This app helps you take a look at the world’s finest masterpieces all through your phone. The app teams up with countless museums around the world. Google Arts and Culture can even offer VR tours of museums, history and artefacts.


It’s one thing to exercise the body, but what about the mind? The Fabulous app allows you to do both. The app is aimed at self-improvement of both body and mind. And the end result is that, well, you feel fabulous. A healthy body and mind are key even if the goal is to win big playing casino games online, visit for casino games reviews.


“Charity begins at home but does not end there”. This is very true, but also hard to follow through. But with the HabitHub application, this can be a breeze. The app helps with regular reminders about what you said you would do, including your goals. Quite neat, right?



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