Don’t Mess with Real Money Playing (Trading) If You Know Nothing About It: Dreadful Fuck up Stories

Playing online casino games can be very depressing sometimes. You will find people losing crazy sums of money in just a few minutes. Sometimes, many of us lose, and we just say it’s the classic case of waking up on the wrong side of the bed. But then, there are some cases where a player is just too ambitious and doesn’t care about anything else other than winning himself a couple of millions in one minute; which is not possible if you don’t know what you are doing.  At this point, it’s all the player’s fault. Real money gaming must be practised with caution and enough skills or knowledge at hand.

Today, as a warning to anyone who just wants to walk away with a bag of money from ‘dumb luck’ we will take a look at some of the craziest stories yet. These players screwed up pretty badly and ended up losing all their bankroll!

  1. Not All That Glitters…

Daniel (name changed for privacy) a strapping young lad from the UK once came across a very appealing online casino on the internet, might be the one of those listed at Daniel logged in because the welcome bonus was so attractive and very hard to let it go. On seeing that, he went straight to the signup page and started creating an account, then made an initial deposit as required. When it was time to place the wagers, he wagered almost £130,000 for a slot machine he came across in the lobby. After finishing, a message came up saying he has to wait for the welcome bonus for about 24 hours.  Then, the next day he woke and went straight to his computer reminiscing on what games he wanted to play in using the bonus and even make more money.

He started his browser, and as soon he reloaded the webpage, the next thing that followed was an error message stating that the URL of the website was not found. He panicked and started looking all over the site on the google search engine, and the only thing he came across was the site he was playing on was a scam.

This guy just came across an online casino, and he probably didn’t even bother to look for more information about the casino. Even worse, he was foolish enough to trust such a tremendous amount of money after logging into a site within the first few minutes! The lesson here is that it is essential that you first do a background check and see if the casino is a legitimate one. Before loading your cent in the site, you must find out whether it’s legit or blacklisted and even scour the internet for reviews of current members of the site!

  1. No Beginners Luck Here!

Another case happened when Rodney (name changed for privacy) decided to change things up after he noticed that he was not winning enough money in blackjack, which was his favourite game. So, after losing a couple of times in blackjack one night, he decided to give other games a shot, and slot game came into his mind. The next thing you know, he chose a video slot that he “thought” was best for him by just looking at it. He started betting on this game without even knowing how he’s supposed to do it. Soon enough, he was back on losing money again. He tried a couple of times, but he ended up losing a massive £350,000 on a game he didn’t even know how it is played.

Rodney got himself in something new, and he didn’t know anything about it. If you want to switch from your favourite game to any other new one, make sure you learn how it is played first before doing anything you will regret. For Rodney, he could have just spared his time and learn how to play on free online slots section of that casino he wouldn’t have lost all that money. Otherwise, for his case, what he did was practically similar to flushing bundles of notes in the toilet and expect them to be spit back like an ATM!

  1. The ‘Authentic’ Vegas Experience

Annie who had just arrived in the Las Vegas strip for the first time tried to gamble her way to millions. She got into one of the Las Vegas casinos with almost $250,000 ready to try her luck. She had no idea what she was getting herself into. After picking a slot machine, she started playing, and after a few spins, she hit a jackpot of a cool $500,000! Instead of going home to enjoy her winnings, she stayed there to make more money. Little did she know that here luck had just run out. After desperately trying other games thinking that she might be lucky once again, none of here bets bore any fruits. Four days later, she was still in the casino trying to win a fortune. She ended up losing all the $700,000; here initial sum plus here jackpot reward. What a waste!

If you take time to observe how professional players do their thing, you’ll notice that one of their main mantras is that, you have to call it quits when you feel like you are not doing so great, no matter how lucky you feel. The other mistake Judy committed is that she went to Las Vegas without any idea of gambling. Well, failure to plan is planning to fail! You must sit down and practice playing first; there are lots of casinos offering free play sections that you can train yourself and get better at the games before you decide to game for real money.

Final Thoughts

While gambling could earn you a lot of money within a couple of minutes, you can also lose a great deal of cash if you are not careful enough. If you have no idea how to play any game, try the free games first before playing real money games. And remember, you must do a background check on any online casino out there before you decide to register. Don’t let flashy bonuses blind you!



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