Are children more socialized because of Internet?


It is necessary to consider the socializing potential of Internet, which is indeed huge and impressive in the present context. The Internet is the electronic platform which offers instant communication and socializing tools like emails, chat services, video streaming and more importantly, social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, Orkut, LinkedIn and so on. Through the deployment of these networking sites, it is possible to catch up with current friends and also make new ones. Although the internet offers immense scope for socializing, is it necessary that people, or even children who use frequently internet for socializing purposes become more socialized in their outlooks and perspectives? This is the major question that needs to be explored in this paper.

Pros of the internet with regard to prospects of socialization:

Indeed, internet throws open whole new worlds for today’s children which they may not gain through just a classroom experiences. Moreover, it not only satisfies the child’s curiosity to know more about his world but also offers it in pleasing and colorful way. Through the internet, perhaps a child could gain in just 2-3 years of internet study and socializing what he or she would otherwise have taken at least 7-8 years of classroom studies to acquire. Besides, internet is 24/7, interactive and dispenses with the need for peering into thick encyclopedias for hours together. All data are available in jiffy and always in well structured and easy-to-understand mode. Thus, it does satisfy the child’s yearnings for knowledge and understanding of his world to a very large extent, perhaps without the need for any educator. Thus, it is indeed an

indispensable self teaching method which could excellently supplement classroom learning experiences.

Research studies have indeed found that children who use the internet are smarter and socialable than those who do not make use of the ubiquitous Internet services. However, if the aspect of socializing over the internet is carried too far, it could also have detrimental consequences as delineated below. Seeking admission essay help can help give you back some time to put towards something else.

Cons of the internet with regard to prospects of socialization:

Often the aspect of socializing over the internet takes a turn to illegal activities like sexual abuse, pornography, cyber bulling and sexual exploitation over the internet. Many sex offenders use the Internet for trapping their next victims, gullible and naïve, and often too willing to socialize with strangers not knowing its real and ultimate consequences. Young children are often victimized in the name of socializing by sex peddlers and finally blackmailed into submitting to their demands.


However, despite the inherent risks of socializing with strangers and criminals, there is no doubt that the internet is indeed liable for molding the conduct of children, especially in terms of how they react and respond to their environment, how they relate to others and how they develop; their own thinking and behavior patterns on what they are ingesting through internet, day after day. Very much like the television, the internet does influence the future good character and conduct of children in terms of offering and building peaceful and harmonious social conduct with fellow human children beings and also abjuring violence, sexual conduct and other undesirable traits in children. It promotes harmony, goodwill and good social understanding among all children groups.

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