Our top 5 tips for using #Twitter.

Are you thinking of getting yourself or your business on Twitter?  Or maybe you already have an account but are not quite sure how to get the best out of it.  Read our top 5 tips for getting the most out of your Twitter presence:

1.       Profile page
Make sure this is up to date with relevant information about you or your company.  This allows other users to easily see what you or your company does.  If people can easily see what you do and are interested in it, they are more likely to connect with you.  Make sure you put the link to your website and your blog if you have one, allowing people to find out more about you.

2.       Tweet daily
As a company, you should have at least one tweet a day.  On Twitter, information gets passed around very quickly and the reaction time to things going on around the world is instantaneous.  If you are posting about a topical issue, make sure you do it when it’s happening and not a few days after.  This will show that you are up to date with events around the world.  Keep your tweets interesting so people will want to follow you.

3.       Use hashtags 
ind an industry hashtag and use it when you are talking about industry-related topics.  Other people searching for these hashtags will see your tweets on the topic and will start to follow you.  It is also a way of promoting yourself as an expert in your industry.  You can also create your own hashtags surrounding your company and what you do.

4.       Get involved in conversations
Don’t just use twitter to tweet out in to the open and hope someone reads them.  In order to get people interacting with you and your company, you need to get involved in conversations.  If you see a tweet by someone you don’t know, feel free to respond to them – this is perfectly acceptable on Twitter and will help to grow your connections.

5.       Follow people that interest you
Follow people that you want to hear from, don’t just go following everyone you see in the hope that they will follow you back.  Following people that appeal to you, e.g. from your industry or local area, will mean you see tweets that are relevant to you and this will also make it easier to engage in conversations with others.


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