Bad Language on Social Media – The most common Spelling Errors.

It is where most of us spend much of our time typing away, social media is where everyone is hanging out and sharing their news and interesting content to share from others. With social media being so busy, it is inevitable that we will see some spelling and grammar mistakes along the way. Below is a list of the most frequent errors we no doubt all see when reading Tweets, updates, posts and descriptions.

  1. Your / You’re We all know the difference, but this is probably the most commonly misspelt word on social media. People are typing away quickly so maybe we can allow them for you are over your?
  2. It is / It’s Another common error in social media isn’t it!
  3. There / They’re / Their¬†Homonyms which can cause many an error two!
  4. To / Too / Two Usually people are fine with the difference, but as we see more and more updates on our social media timelines then these errors increase in popularity too / to / two??
  5. Lose / Loose This one really gets me spelling wise and I am pleased to say I am far from being alone!
  6. Using Apostrophes to Make Words Plural¬†Maybe a simple rule we all learn from school, but many people still think it is better to type the like of house’s when it should be houses unless of course you are saying the house’s owner was John.. Blah, blah… !!


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