Twitter Lists and why you should be using them

We all love a list don’t we?  Shopping…Xmas and birthday present lists.. to do lists..bucket lists .. lists of lists.. you get the picture right?! Well using LISTS on Twitter is just as useful.  It can help you keep track of suppliers, clients, potential customers and of course your competition. BUT, it can do so much more from a networking perspective.

First you need to Create a Twitter list .. you can do that HERE

What are Twitter lists you say?  Well, they are lists of Twitter users collected and grouped by common interests, themes, companies or groups. They allow you to track those things that you like or need to research by saving you from having to scroll through your entire timeline. There are only 2 restrictions .. Lists can only contain 500 members, and you can have only 20 lists.

Lists can be PRIVATE or PUBLIC, this allows you to keep your competition from knowing what you’re up to when you keep them Private.. so targeting is relatively easy.  Public lists allow other users to follow them, and also notifies people when you add them to this list.  You can name each list specifically so choose names carefully and categorise them clearly and as descriptive as possible .. ie “social media managers” “ Content Creators” “ Email marketers” etc. People love to be recognised for the work they do so when adding people to lists they may be more inclined to follow you back. This is key to increasing engagement!

Having separate lists enables you to keep up with everyone important and allows you to target prospective clients and cherry pick information that would be useful to you or your company.


So.. go forth and make lists everyone.  If you need any additional info you can find me @TanyaSCMedia .. add me to your Social Media Advice list!


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