Be careful using Social Media.

Social Media Marketing is a fantastic way for you as a person or a business to shout out to the masses about what you are doing, thinking, feeling, offering, sponsoring etc… So just why should anyone hold caution to using Social Media for any message that you want to share?

Social Media is now global and it is important to remember that it is not only those within your network that has access to view the content you share, the networks of your networks are also potentially your audience too. With Social Media a message or update can go viral within seconds and especially if it contains something either unexpected or highly debatable. Remember that when you post on Tweet or update your Facebook status that you need to consider that each and any could be shared across the globe within seconds and either increase your profile positively or land you in a heap of confrontational debate and possible trouble. Recent Twitter examples where people have over stepped the mark using Social Media include:

Teenager arrested and bailed after Tom Daley twitter abuse, London2012 –

Man fined over airport bomb joke tweet –

13-year-olds arrested after Twitter message about drugs –

Motorist tweets about knocking cyclist off bike –

Man arrested in Bristol over string of abusive Twitter messages aimed at MP Stella Creasy and a campaigner –

What you say on social media, the debates you contribute to and response you give are, once released, open to be viewed by anyone from any place and that also means the media and law. Take our advise, think carefully about what you release on your social media platforms, we are sure that 99.9% of most peoples content is fun and engaging, but there are consequences for those that over step the mark.



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