Benefits of an office filtered water system

It’s little wonder that so many stories and anecdotes feature the office water-cooler. At some time or another, practically anyone on your company’s premises needs a drink of water – it’s one of life’s essentials.

It’s not only the place where office gossip is shared but also a focus for bright ideas and the development of improved working practices.

The water cooler – and its alternatives

So, all power to the water cooler. But wait a moment. Just how clean, pure and fresh is the water it dispenses? The water might have been sitting there for quite some time – losing its freshness and taste all the while.

You might have been under some pressure from your staff – not to mention clients – to offer individually sealed, plastic bottles of water. Each bottle might then contain filtered water, emptied by the individual member of staff or client, and the bottle is simply thrown away.

But that very solution might bring another problem in its wake. While glad of the water, your clients and staff may be alarmed at the unsustainable and environmentally damaging waste represented by so many single-use, discarded plastic bottles. The Whale and Dolphin Conservation (WDC) website, for example, suggests that it takes as long as 450 years for the common or garden plastic water bottle to biodegrade.

Your clients – and your workforce – are likely to be increasingly conscious of the unsustainable and environmentally unfriendly use of plastic bottles. Their use may seriously undermine any image you may be trying to foster that yours is a socially responsible company.

Office filtered water systems

Office filtered water systems or Oxyl-Pro may offer just the environmentally friendly solution you are seeking.

Systems are connected directly to your mains water supply and then deliver freshly filtered, pure, great-tasting water to as many taps or distribution points as you choose. You are not doing away with the idea of the water cooler as a focus for office gossip and camaraderie – merely replacing it with the fount of fresh, clean, still or sparkling water.

Those same delivery points may be used to fill your own in-house – and suitably branded – reusable glass bottles. In any boardroom meeting – with directors, staff or clients – therefore, the water bottles on the table provided a constant reminder of your corporate identity and may be personalised in a way that drives home the importance of sustainability and your commitment to it.
Bottled water from your own office filtered water system then offers a constant reiteration of your corporate social responsibility – a quality welcomed by clients and staff alike.

The installation of office filtered water systems may further contribute to cost savings. They are up to half the cost of buying in plastic bottles of water – depending, of course, on the volume of water you customarily consume in this way.

A relatively modest investment in an office filtered water system may earn you and your company valuable points on the social responsibility ratings. Plus, it will provide cleaner, fresher, and better-tasting water to those accustomed to the now old-fashioned water cooler and help you to cut costs while doing so.


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