How To Do Train Business Travel Right

Travelling by train for business is often seen as the perfect middle ground between the tedium of air travel and the stress of travelling by car. It’s faster than the latter and much less anxiety-inducing than the former and in many cases, it can be cheaper than both. As with anything in life, however, it pays to know how to do it right. That’s where this handy guide comes in!

Saving money

Generally speaking, with train travel, the longer you leave it the more expensive it will be. There are occasionally last-minute deals to be found but they are few and far between. Nine times out of ten, if you’re planning to travel by train then you want to get online and book those tickets ASAP. You could end up saving literally hundreds of pounds.

Making the most of it

The beauty of train business travel is that you can actually get some work done whilst you’re in transit. On a place, you rarely have the room and by car, you’re driving, so the train offers a perfectly relaxed environment to crack on with that report or even do some research thanks to the availability of WiFi on most modern carriages (particularly on long journeys). Some trains, meanwhile, will provide business lounges where you can relax and access bespoke WiFi services without distraction.

Be prepared

Check ahead to ensure your train hasn’t been delayed, as one late train could potentially throw a spanner in the works, especially if it means you’ll miss a connection. Register online for up-to-the-minute updates and always try to have a backup plan prepared.

Know your route

If you will be changing multiple trains then spend some time planning the route. It might be cheaper, for example, to buy separate tickets for each journey. If you wanted to travel from London to Oxford, for example, getting a train from Finsbury Park to Hitchin and then taking a train from Hitchin to Oxford might end up being significantly cheaper than a direct ticket.

Book together

If you’re travelling with work colleagues then ensure you book together as you might be able to claim some group saver discounts. Not only that, but you are more likely to be seated together, which could be vital if you have a meeting to prepare for.

Travelling by train in 2020 is nowhere near as loud and frustrating as it was decades ago. Modern trains are clean, safe and quiet enough that you might even be able to catch a few winks. And, of course, if you’re travelling for business and pleasure then there is always the dining or bar cars to investigate!


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