Benefits of Having Plants in the Office

Every employer should add plants to the office setting. Numerous scientific studies show that plants in the office have both physical and psychological effects. Plus, plants do not cost much and can easily be added to the decorative budget, even going for large artificial plants can create a similar effect and you won’t have to worry about watering them. Here are some benefits of going green at the workplace:

Reduce Stress

A study conducted in 2010 specifies that plants reduces stress in the work setting. In addition, it also reduced anxiety by 37%, depression by 58%, anger by 44% and fatigue by 44%. Thus, just one plant per work space can lift the spirits of staff and helps in the promotion of performance and wellbeing. When plants are found in an office, it also appears more calming and much nicer; they are simply interesting, relaxing and colourful. Plants enable employees to see the surroundings in a better light, and relieves them from stress. This is also because plants make the atmosphere less heavy and more comfortable. While making it nicer for employees, it makes it more welcoming for clients as well. If you are not sure how you can fit the plants in the d├ęcor, you can find some ideas at Lucky Pants Bingo. This online bingo site features the most famous slot games from IGT, Pixies of the Forest slots. Themed on nature and fairies, the greenish background and forest themed symbols, will give you few ideas about how to set up a green office.

Sickness and Absence Reduction

It has been reported that absenteeism can be reduced by 50% if the office is packed with plants. It also helps to reduce minor illnesses by 30%. By adding few plants in your office, the business gains on the cost of absence each year, and the productivity is not affected.

Increase Productivity

Wherever plants are present, it is bound to boost up productivity. Plants have the power to increase focus and concentration, therefore it upsurges productivity within the employees. In many studies, it has been found that less mistakes and more tasks are done, when the green aspect is present. In case of computer workers, there is an average increase of 10% to 15%. The level of concentration gets higher as the plants reduce the amount of carbon dioxide in the air. Plants also increase creativity by 15% making employees calmer, happier and more productive.

Clean Air to Breathe

If one plant is set up for every 3 employees, the quality of air is improved in the office. Plants reduce carbon dioxide by 50%, thus it cuts off the dust, bacteria and mould which would otherwise be inhaled by employees. Toxins like plastics, furniture, carpets, paints and cleaning products can spread toxins in the air at workplace; having plants help to reduce these as well. Plants also keep employees healthier as they reduce dry skin by 20%.

If you are now thinking of adding some plants to your office environment, the ones who will be best are: Aloe, Cactus, Spider Plants, Succulents, Rubber Plant, Peace Lily and Ivy.



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