Best marketplace platform based on ready-made high-expert software

Don’t spend months to launch customizable online marketplace without coding. Build your own ecommerce platform in few minutes with ready-made software Online Marketplace Software by Rademade

E commerce marketplace platform for products or services

The best marketplace platform is a convenient, effective, reliable and easy-to-develop ecommerce website. Global and local multi vendor platforms allow individuals and companies to sell, resale, rent a variety of services and physical products. Depending on the type of peer and the format of goods, the online market can be:

  • Product marketplace. C2c, b2b or/and b2c platform where distributors are selling their physical merchandise for drop shipping or wholesale. Suitable for distributors of clothing, accessories, handmade goods, cosmetics, gadgets and other items. Such sites for shopping as EBay, Amazon.
  • Service marketplace. On this platform, each seller is a provider of their services. Excellent hosting for suppliers of education, delivery, cleaning and any other useful activities. Well-known service websites and applications – Uber, Airbnb.
  • Digital goods marketplace. Allows to sell the application, design, theme, code, game, music, and other software and creative work. Typical examples are App store, Google play.

To build and manage your customizable online marketplace is one of the best solutions for online business, and the best marketplace platform builder is the ready-made Online Marketplace Software by Rademade Now is the best time to open an online trading platform, so that its development and extension turns out to be in a trend.

Unique saas for marketplace building


Are you looking for a solution to open marketplace? Perhaps you have already considered the possibilities of WordPress, Magento or another open cart source for create online shop for free. But we offer you a fundamentally different solution for the construction and management of the e commerce marketplace platform. Unlike well-known cms, is not just a procurement for a lending or multi vendor store, but a customizable constructor for our customers’ success. If you are trying to build a product, service, or digital goods marketplace, this solution is for you.

2 contains every right plugin for your future marketplace:

  • Geolocation
  • Chat
  • Calendar
  • Business models
  • Payment system
  • Rating system

We have fine-tuned each script to detail, to allow users to browsing, filter, search, buying, selling or renting items. We created the best interface design for suppliers and buyers. We have developed the ideal module for each function: from customer baskets to dashboard to see what is going on. Marketplaces you can build up with this solution includes C2C, B2C and B2B, dropshipping and wholesalers transactions, product, services or digital trading.

Designing all of these from scratch takes a lot of time and significant financial investments. is the chance to test your marketplace ideas on mvp. So If you want to start a marketplace business but don’t know how to deal with the technical side, our SaaS offering is right for you. Our company has many years of experience in ecommers, so you can be sure that you will build a top-market with Online Marketplace Software by Rademade.


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