Getting the Best Social Media Influencers Onside

If you want to ensure that your marketing efforts aren’t all for nought; if you want to get as many of the people who represent your target audience looking at your products and services as possible; if you want to see your small business sales soar, well…you need to get  those social media influencers onside.


What are Social Media Influencers?


Social media influencers are simply social media users who have a sizeable audience and the authority and influence to persuade other users in whichever direction they choose. If you can get them onside, then marketing your stuff online will be as easy as pie.


How Do I Get Social medias Onside?


If you like the idea of having social media influencers singing your brand’s praises, here are a few things you can do:


Pay Them


Obviously, the easiest way to have social media influencers promote your brand is by offering them cash to do so. You could take out a loan from, or similar and then pay them to spread the word. This is an effective way of getting them to talk about your business, but if you don’t have the cash to spare, don’t worry because it is not the only way, nor is it necessarily the most effective.


Get Creative


Some would argue that, if you want your small business to be promoted by social media influencers, then you need to impress them without making it obvious that you’re looking for their endorsement. How do you do this? By getting creative. Make a shortlist of the influencers you want to target and think of a project you could start that will reel them in. Do something for a cause, create a hashtag that helps people – do whatever you can to garner interest and the influencers will come to you.


Make a Meme


Memes are really popular. If you can come up with a meme that nails your brand identity, works for a cause and makes people want to spread it, like the memes you’ll find at, then you’ll have no trouble not only impressing the social media influencers and their followers, but building up a big following of your own.


Become an Authority


If using your business blog, Facebook, Instagram or any other platform that fits your business, are able to become an authority in your own right, by creating high-value content that is both useful, accurate and appealing, then other authorities in your sector will recognize you and share your stuff. If this happens, you will have no problem doing well now and in the future.


Offer Early Access


Offering early access to your products and services to the big names in your sector online is a great way to link your name with theirs. So, offer them freebies in return for a review or a video of them using your stuff and it will pay off, well it will pay off if your product or service is a good one anyway.


I hope this helps you get the social media influencers onside so that your small business can truly soar!



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