Best Technology Trends That Will Change the Gaming World

The gaming industry is showing no signs of slowing down, it continues to grow at a rapid pace. In recent years, the industry has introduced loads of new technologies to the gaming world. Knowing the need for improvement, new technologies are launched every now and then. Some of which have cemented their place as the best gaming technologies. Here is a look at some of the most revolutionary gaming technologies.

Cloud Gaming

The basic idea behind the open-cloud gaming is to reduce the use of hardware memory and problems associated with it. This technology provides a ‘cloud’ to store the data and use it at any time. Though it requires a good internet connection to run smoothly but nowadays who does not have a strong data connection. Cloud gaming has turned live streaming into a reality.

Streamed Videos
Video streams are being widely used in the gaming industry. It has been used previously for Televisions and other entertainment media sources. Now, live games are streamed directly to your computers without requiring any consoles. The very famous twitch technology is based on cloud streaming as well. Cii Now, Ubitus, Gaikai are some of the biggest companies that are actively developing video streams.

Streamed Files
File streaming is another gaming technology which uses clouds. But unlike the video streaming, this uses an external client to initiate the game on the devices. File streaming is available for mobiles, computers and consoles. Many online gaming websites are using this technology, for example, File streaming lets players download a part of the game to successfully run the game and later all the needed files are downloaded as the game progresses. Therefore, a player enjoys immediate access to the game with the best gaming experience.

Open Source Gaming
This platform allows developers worldwide to develop games with a simple procedure for mobiles and online gaming platforms. The games based on open source platforms can be modified by anyone. For the same reason, the games often get cool updates with new features. Many companies are offering open source gaming platforms.

Virtual Reality Gaming
In recent years a number of
VR gaming devices like headsets, consoles, and gaming suits are developed. The VR suits are a hot trend in the gaming industry, it controls the gameplay of the character based on the real-life movements of the players. VR devices are also used for developing high-quality 3D games. It has been used in a variety of gaming genres like Horror games, City Building games, FPS games, Racing games, and Adventure games.

Modular Computers
Modular Computers have the independently assembled parts that are interconnected and detachable. MCs have been widely used in the Gaming industry, giant manufacturers like Asus, Razer are developing gaming modular computers. This technology is relatively cheaper than regular gaming computer technology. Modular Computers allow the users to manually customize the parts like graphics cards, motherboard, hard-drives as per the requirements.

Look out for these hot technologies like great gaming monitors that have been revolutionizing the gaming world in the last few years. More advanced technologies and updates in existing ones are set to be launched later this year which are set to change the gaming world forever. Good times ahead for the gamers.


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