Drivers Use Phones In Riskier Ways

A study has found that there is less talking on cell phones when people are driving. However, the study also found that there is a lot more fiddling when people are behind the wheel. Results of the study discovered that drivers were actually more likely to send e-mails, send texts and do other things besides making phone calls.

The report of the study was released last week on Thursday by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety. The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety is a non-profit that is financed by the insurance industry.

David Kidd, who is the co-author of the study, said that the latest data actually suggested that drivers are using their phones in more dangerous ways. The report showed that drivers were now talking less on handphones. However, they were operating the phones more than in recent years.

Kidd said that this was concerning as studies link manipulating a hand-held phone while driving to increased crash risk.

Risks Associated with Driving and Using a Cell phone

Recent research indicated that fatal crash risk is 66% higher when the driver is controlling a phone. As a result, most crashes on the road today are attributed to drivers’ texting or other things other than talking. The report showed the dangers of texting while driving. It went further to detail how using the phone while driving affects how drivers process as well as scan information while on the road. As a result, sites such as would like to advise our readers to avoid playing online casino games when they drive.

The report stated that drivers actually take their eyes off the road when they send texts, use apps, dial and browse the internet. It also noted that when drivers talk on the road, they concentrated more on the center of the road. However, the drivers’ attention can still be diverted from driving, making it hard to process what they are looking at.

The report also pointed out how drivers can actually be distracted by other things more than by cell phones. It noted that things, besides playing internet casinos games or other online entertainment, things like talking to your kids or drinking coffee, could also take attention away from the road.


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