Binary Options Explained

In this day and age most of us own a mobile device so it seems only sensible that we use those devices in order to make ourselves some extra cash when needed, and this can be done in various ways.

Surveys and reviews are quite a popular method of making a ‘few dollars more’ but it can take some time to rank up the extra money which is fine for some but not to everyone’s taste.

Another way to earn some extra cash is to play at one of the best rated mobile casinos. These are the ones that are completely safe and secure to play at and also offer some great bonuses and promotional offers. Sites can offer you money just for signing with them and although wins that are linked to this type of bonuses will have terms and conditions linked to them, they are still worth checking out. If you like to take a risk and are wise with your bankroll then it is possible to make some serious extra money using the free money that online casinos provide.

Another method that is increasing in popularity is binary trading and we are going to go more into depth, keeping the language free from jargon.

A binary option is an estimate of how something performs during a given time frame. There is no purchase involved, and because you or not buying anything there is no need to feel concerned about when to sell.

The above means that binary options works from your perspective and you are therefore known as the trader. It is completely usual for you to know how much money can be earned before you place any of your own money on any one particular asset. The return that you would get on a correct prediction would be your primary bet plus a percentage which is around the 70/85%. If you prediction turns out to be wrong then you will lose your bet and any monies that you risked (there are exceptions to this rule).

There are three main factors that go to make any binary option contract and these are the strike price the expiry time and the pay-out offer you will get. The expiry time is simply the time from the moment that you place your bet until it closes and in some cases this time can be as short as sixty seconds right up to weeks.

Next is the strike price and this is the price that you bought into the binary option contract. This is very important as it actually determines if you are going to win or lose, because to win you need the price to be higher than what you bought in at.

Lastly, the pay-out offer is the return you are offered when you do win and as mentioned above it could be as high as 85%, for a loss the percentage will be zero. The pay-out off is visible before you risk you money.

Trading can begin from as little as $10 and it stands to reason that the more you bet on your own prediction the more you stand to lose (or win). Remember to that you will never own anything the asset you are predicting an outcome on is the direction of the price, what its’ worth is in the market.

There is a whole range of binary trades to choose from and well worth checking out as this type of trading has been designed to be easy to learn. With your risk only being linked directly to the amount you place on the trade and outcome only being one of two, it is no wonder that this exciting method of earning some extra cash is so popular.



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