BooooTube: Why Your Video Marketing Campaign Isn’t Working

You’ve been refreshing that YouTube page for days. But the view counter simply isn’t reaching the triple digits. The only reason they’re reaching double digits is because you keep refreshing the page.

Video marketing is becoming more and more frequent. But it’s not as easy as many businesses seem to think it is. The scenario I’ve described is an unfortunate but common one for many companies. No-one is sharing your video. What’s going on?

To put it bluntly, it doesn’t sound like your video marketing campaign is much good. So you need to go back to the drawing board. The first thing you need to do is assess why your video marketing campaign has failed. Those who don’t know their mistakes are doomed to repeat them, after all.

So check out this guide to the most common mistakes people make in video marketing campaigns.

Where’s the grab?

Cynics are always talking about how short the attention span of the average person is, right? Well, there’s not actually any proof that the average attention span is dwindling. People have always had short attention spans. But it’s true that, on the Internet, you need to work a little harder to grab a lot of people. It’s less because of someone’s ability to concentrate and more because there are so many other options available to them.



It’s estimated that you have about ten seconds to grab a viewer’s attention before they click away and start watching cat videos instead. If your video is two or three minutes long and you haven’t achieved “the grab” in the first ten seconds? They’re not going to assume the rest of the video is particularly engaging. Make sure your video begins with a bang. Maybe even a literal one. Explosions never hurt anyone, right?

You tried doing everything yourself

No-one in your office had ever made a film before. Except maybe that one guy in the design department who made a mock trailer in high school about ten years ago. No-one had written a script before. Or acted. Basically, the experience level when it came to video production was low. But you went ahead and made the video anyway.


I don’t want to say that complete amateurism will never pay off. It’s actually kind of cool that you gave it a go. But if the result wasn’t great? Or if you’re planning this route but are feeling unsure? Then you should probably get some help from people with experience. You should consider working with a team fully experienced in corporate video production.

It’s too long

I’m going to assume you didn’t make some three-hour, Lord of the Rings-esque epic, here. You must have known that would be way too long. (Although maybe people would have clicked on it out of sheer curiosity.) But compared to a Lord of the Rings film, ten minutes doesn’t seem too long, right?



Ten minutes is probably a bit too long. Sorry. Even if you’ve got an absolutely bombastic opening, you’re probably not going to go viral with it. Optimum video lengths can be found anywhere between forty seconds and four minutes.



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